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Moment of Contact



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phillip_wareham10 / 10

A decade's work from James Fox

James Fox sets the benchmark for communicating on this topic with the way that he works like a dog to find the key witnesses and put them front of the camera, and then just lets them have their say. The witnesses are numerous and diverse, and together plot out in detail what appears to have been a crash of an anomalous craft and capture of the beings that occupied it. All of the witnesses seem like ordinary, honest people with no reason to lie. In one situation there were even three witnesses who testified about what they had seen together.

Like many people who have started following this topic in the last couple of years I'm nowhere near ready to make conclusions, but the evidence that there is a core of reality to this topic is now piled pretty high.

Reviewed by evod-680669 / 10

Definitely worth a watch and a re-watch

Updating my review from at 7 to a 9. I've re-watched this movie a few times now and I think my review below is a little harsh. I think we all expect too much from an evidence perspective. This is an excellent testimony-based account of something non-human that really happened. I commend James on his diligence and perseverance here. I stick by my assessment that it could've been a bit shorter, but I do understand the desire for the dramatic background music, etc...

The moment of this film that haunts me is the description of the being crying like a baby.

This is absolutely worth a watch. Something happened in Varginha that, if provable via video evidence, will change our civilization permanently.

James, I personally apologize for the harshness of my initial review - my expectations were too high.

Original review: Just another bunch of eye witness testimony and questionable imagery. It was intriguing and moderately entertaining, but there's really nothing new to see here. All of these alien encounter documentaries are fascinating, but not really ground breaking in any way. I do appreciate the efforts to revisit such historic events like this, but the same old formulaic format is getting pretty stale. I'm sure it's significantly difficult to put enough footage together for a full length film, but this documentary could've easily been less than 30 minutes and still just as entertaining. I'm also certain that some of these folks in Brazil actually witnessed something unexplainable. Maybe one day we'll know more, but not today. Thanks for the efforts.

Reviewed by zeuthuk8 / 10

The Shocking Truth You Wanted

First of all there are many witness reports from ordinary humble people that gives this an authentic feel to the documentary.

In 1996 an alien spacecraft crashes in the area.

Three girls stand within 8 feet of a small alien creature that was seen cowering and afraid.

What's interesting is the Alien does not make a telepathic connection with the girls. In the 1994 Ruwa UFO incident in Africa the Alien made a telepathic connection with the children. The physical description of the aiien was also slightly different which makes me think that there are different types of Aliens visiting Earth.

The solider who carried a sick alien to the hospital had a terrible reaction to his immune system and died a few weeks later. Could this be why Aliens don't make physical contact?

The alien itself seems less physically impressive than a human being. If anything we appear to be physically superior in many ways.

The doctor who performed X rays on the alien gives testimony.

We have a solder give confidential testimony on seeing the alien in the hospital.

The alien was next sent to a military base.

An air traffic controller confirms an American military plane flew into the military base under a covert operation. The plane stayed only moments to collect the alien then flys away.

Everything happens very quickly and within 1 - 2 days of the crash the Americans have seized control of this creature.

We finally meet the main witness from back in 1996 who is too afraid to give testimony and threatens to shoot the film crew.

If you want the truth here it is.

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