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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timothycrugnale3 / 10

No good.

Cheap ass version of Creepshow with inflated ratings to trick you into watching. Terrible.

Reviewed by urok-11 / 10

Unpolishable turd...

After the film-crew and the ill-briefed neighborhood of the producers were forced to gave this 'home-brew' an excellent rating on IMDB, the real reviews are coming in... While they probably ment to produce a one and a half hour long movie, only one hour of the shot footage eventually saw the editing room. The rest they HAD to throw away, it really was that bad... The acting, the story, the makeup, audio, continuity and the all-round technical quality....everything is just so remarkably low budget and so poorly executed it should only be shown in the living room from the director's family. Looks like they had a budget of about $30.000 and at the end, when they had about 10.000 left they thought: let's throw worse money after bad on promotion and a nice DVD-cover. The cover is actually not that bad.... I could wish the producers of this turd good luck but the'll probably don't know what to do with it... All in all, avoid like the plaque when you at least expect to have an hour of entertainment.

Reviewed by clalen1 / 10

Watched this as it is rated 8/10.. I think not.

Wow, where to start. I was looking for a horror to watch & keep in mind, my spectrum on horror genres is pretty wide & I can usually find some entertainment out of near enough any horror. I watched the trailer for this movie on Xbox movies & couldn't decide wether it was worth watching or not. So, I do as I usually do & consult IMDb. I Searched the title & was straight away impressed with its 8/10 stars based on over 250 ratings, so I paid £2.49 to rent.. Within 2mins into the movie, I knew I'd made a mistake. Now, the anthology idea didn't sound to bad in the description & neither did the storyline (I've read descriptions before that made the film sound like it should of been the worst horror film in the world, but have turned out completely the opposite),so I felt this movie could be one of them..... it could of been. From the start, the acting. It's crap. Really has that unnatural vibe & so fake it makes you cringe. The parts which were presumably meant to be scary, are not.. there are no jumps or tense moments, even though there could of been if done right because like I say, the story is there. The makeup didn't help either, really low grade low budget. I've seen better & more realistic effects at Halloween parties & not to blow ones own trumpet, I know I could of done & have done better myself. I think there was also meant to be some comedy thrown in, but I couldn't really tell if it was on purpose, either way it wasn't funny. Actually thinking about it, maybe the whole film should be in the comedy/horror genre, but whatever it is, it didn't work at all.

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