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Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl


Comedy / Documentary / Musical

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Terry Gilliam Photo
Terry Gilliam as Third Barber / Mao Zedong / Constable Parrot / Kant / I've got two legs singer / Demonstrator #3 / Man with beans / Mountie
John Cleese Photo
John Cleese as First Barbter / Wrestling commentator / Pope Julius II / Silly Olympiad commentator #1 / Mr. Teabag / Lenin / Albatross vendor / Archimedes / Mr. Barnard / Man in white suit / Little Red Riding Hood / Church policeman / Voice of God / Mountie
Michael Palin Photo
Michael Palin as Polinski / Emcee / Third Bruce / Mr.Stagback / Silly Walker / Second Judge / Che Guevara / Nietzsche / Soccer commentator / Fourth Yorkshireman / Argument customer / Mr. Bounder / Demonstrator #1 / Storyteller / Detective-Parson / Mountie
Eric Idle Photo
Eric Idle as Michelangelo / Brewer / First Bruce / First Judge / 'World Forum' Host / Arthur Nudge / Socrates / First Yorkshireman / Mr. Smoketoomuch / Husband / Lumberjack
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle9 / 10

best of Python with a hint of smoke

The legendary troupe performs in the legendary venue. It's got many of their best skits including excerpts from their TV show. Their fans are having loads of fun and enjoying the "Atmosphere". This was my first exposure to Monty Python back in the day. The best was that this was all new to me. I didn't see the TV show. This is laugh after laugh after laugh which the TV show is not always. The TV show is hit and miss like a modern day SNL but edgier. It's also obvious that the performers are having fun like Cleese going into the crowd selling Albatross and telling the crowd that they can't smoke that. It's got great energy and endless fun. I recently watched it again on Netflix and it holds up. Other than a few deliberate racist jokes, it's as good as ever. As an adult, I get fresh eyes to see some of the jokes. Quite frankly, I'd show this first to any newbie Python virgins.

Reviewed by gridoon7 / 10

Inevitably uneven, but in its best moments brilliant

I consider the Pythons to be one of the best comedy groups that ever appeared on the screen, perhaps even THE best (it's either them or the Marx Brothers). If you agree even partially, you should not miss "Live at the Hollywood Bowl". Irreverence and surrealism in abundance - as you would expect from the Python guys at their best. Sure, devoted fans have probably seen many of these sketches before, but that won't stop them from enjoying them again - it certainly didn't stop the live audience at the time. There are some slow spots and the picture quality is fairly poor (as the show was videotaped and then transferred to film),but how can you say anything bad about a film that has you crying from too much laughter at least twice? ("What? Only one Christ?") (***)

Reviewed by subs4nity9 / 10

Live & raw, a unique experience for any Python-fan.

First of all; it's just amazing seeing the legendary Pythons performing the most popular sketches live, in front of a huge audience, similar to a music concert. The crowd is so into it, they seem to know the lines by heart. Still, they just love it and it makes for a very special event with a fantastic atmosphere.

My favourite sketch (and it IS hard to pick just one!) is the "Church Police" sketch. Why? Because the otherwise super-professional Pythons can't keep from laughing themselves as things go slightly wrong. Just look when Terry Jones' wig comes right off as he jumps... They crack up. I have never seen that happen before, and every time I see it I laugh so hard it hurts.

If you have never seen the TV-series before, this may not seem as all that much of a great movie. But being an almost fanatical fan of the Pythons, seeing these sketches live is a wholly enjoyable experience.

The only sad thing is that most of us never attended the bloody thing. Nonetheless, this is a must see.

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