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Moving On



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright70%
IMDb Rating6.210428

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Jane Fonda Photo
Jane Fonda as Claire
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Malcolm McDowell as Howard
Lily Tomlin Photo
Lily Tomlin as Evelyn
Lauren Tom Photo
Lauren Tom as Ava
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicolasroop6 / 10

Alternate universe episode of Grace & Frankie

It was a decent film. Almost like if Grace & Frankie had made a film themselves. It's not that great or groundbreaking on the drama side of things, but the comedy aspect of this dramedy is the silverlining of the film. Lily Tomlin shines and is easily the best part of the entire thing. Jane Fonda is servicable but, again, nothing groundbreaking or exciting from her. I liked the inclusion of Malcolm McDowell, he can be a welcome surprise sometimes and that is how I felt about him in this. The film did have some strange plotlines that felt out of place for the film and made the film drag in places. That's even with it's short 85 minute runtime, which still felt a bit long for this particular story. It was almost like the writers wrote this as an episode of a tv series and decided to expand it in a way that feels unnecessary. Overall, if you're a fan of the pair, you will at least find a bit of enjoyment. Fonda and Tomlin have a certain chemistry with each other and know how to play off each other very well.

3 murder attempts out of 5.

Reviewed by stevendbeard6 / 10

Dark Comedy

I saw Moving On, starring Jane Fonda-80 For Brady, Barbarella; Lily Tomlin-80 For Brady, 9 to 5; Malcolm McDowell-Father Stu, Halloween_2007 and Richard Roundtree-the Shaft movies, Speed Racer.

This is a dark comedy starring Jane and Lily, who have done a lot of films-and tv shows-together. Jane goes to the funeral of an old college friend that was married to Malcolm. After Malcolm gives his eulogy for his deceased wife, Jane tells him that she is going to kill him. Lily shows up at the wake and she reconnects with Jane where Jane tells Lily of her plan, but not why she is going to do it. Lily was friends with Jane, the deceased woman and Malcolm back in the day. Richard plays Janes' ex husband, who also shows up for the funeral. Clearly, there are secrets from decades earlier. It's not a bad movie but it reminded me of a tv show that was expanded into a movie.

It's rated R for language and has a running time of 1 hour & 25 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD but if you like Jane & Lily, it would be alright to stream.

Reviewed by dncpcyy9 / 10

This is not a comedy but instead is a serious and satisfying drama by two female actors on top of their game

As an 80 year old living in a retirement community and looking atvthe edge of the end of my life this film had a lot of interesting and poignant plot points. Early love among college roommates that lasts a life time, a tragic incident that affects one for a lifetime and an unsettled grievance much more important to one party than another. Both lily Tomlin and Jane Fond were terrific and although there are comic moments, this is a serious film, talking about serious issues. There are several unusual twists that reflect current issues, and that lead to a surprise ending which I found quite satisfying. And although recently, Jane Fonda has been a purely comedic actor, this role has some very realistic, dramatic moments that support her as a true and believable, dramatic performer.

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