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Murderous Intent


Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Toni Collette Photo
Toni Collette as Sally Rowe
Eddie Redmayne Photo
Eddie Redmayne as Alex Forbes
Tom Sturridge Photo
Tom Sturridge as Nigel Colbie
Hugh Sachs Photo
Hugh Sachs as Rev Donaldson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thinker16918 / 10

" Did you ever meet one of those unusual people in your life, You wish you hadn't ? "

History is the study of man's past. To some it's merely a collection of events, to others it's a series of memories, but to a certain segment of people, it's the sum collection of heritage and honor. In this incredible black and dark movie originally called 'Murderous Intent', but retitled "Like Minds" it's the tale of two boys. Alex (Eddie Redmayne, incredible acting) and Nigel Colbie (Tom Sturridge, intriguing performance) attending the same private school. Although they seem at odds with other, they are in fact much closer than meets the eye. When a series of murders catch the attention of the local constabulary it falls to Inspector McKenzie (Richard Roxburgh) to solve them. His conclusions are quick and to the point, but he needs a psychological profile of one student to close the case. A Psychologist (Toni Collette) is called in and soon is embroiled in a battle of wits with an extremely manipulative young man, who relates the story of his evil school friend. One, she is certain is the mastermind, the other is a conniving and controlling con-artist, who believes in his family history and blood line to up hold tradition and any measures necessary to achieve a holy means. Not since Alfred Hitchcock has such dark drama been offered to an audience. Writer/Director Gregory Read has indeed surpassed that goal. Excellent suspense and shadowy mayhem for those interested in a twisted plot with an equally twisted conclusion. ****

Reviewed by gradyharp10 / 10

A Dark, Finely Wrought Mystery of the Highest Caliber!

For some strange reason the very fine Australian/British film LIKE MINDS underwent a name change and hit the US market as MURDEROUS INTENT. The original title is so much more apropos of the story: the alternate title tends to make the audience pass over 'just another death film' category that prevents this excellent little film from appealing to a wide audience. Writer/Director Gregory J. Reed and his talented cast and production staff deserve better as this is a stunning psychological drama well worth seeing.

The setting is an all boys' prep school and among the students is Alex (a very fine young Eddie Redmayne) who happens to be the son of the headmaster (Patrick Malahide) and is a brilliant scholar - if somewhat of a troublemaker at the same time. Into this setting arrives a new student Nigel (an equally fine young Tom Sturridge) who is a darkly quiet, malevolent, bright lad preoccupied with history and necrophilia. The two boys are placed together as roommates, much to Alex's objections, and gradually secrets are unraveled that show how the two boys become, via gestalt, a sum of evil greater than its parts. Alex is horrified and yet fascinated with the ritual-influenced deaths that begin to occur and when Nigel himself is murdered, Alex is the blamed.

Enter the police: McKenzie (Richard Roxburgh) arrests and charges Alex with murder, but requires substantiation from a forensic psychologist Sally (the always superb Toni Collette). Sally interviews Alex, observes his behavior and manages to get inside his mind, learn about the historical data that has directed the evil from her astute questioning sessions with Alex, and begins to follow her own intuition about the case. There are twists and turns, flashbacks to incidents, investigation details, and discoveries bordering on the occult that spin this dark yarn like a helix of fear. The ending will surprise the viewer.

The script is superb, the acting is top notch, the production design is accomplished and the musical score by Carlo Giacco is simply brilliant. This is a fine art film, graced by the quality of superior acting set by Collette, and is a tense drama that will keep an audience thinking and involved to the final credits. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp

Reviewed by Falconeer8 / 10

Destined for "cult film status"

I got this DVD without knowing a thing about it, other than the fact that the cover art looked interesting, and it was an Australian production. What i saw was perhaps the most precisely weird film I have ever watched. And 'weird' is a good thing, in a time when seemingly everything has been done, and it is so hard to achieve originality. 17 year-old Alex discovers that a new guy has been placed in his dorm room at the private school which he attends. Nigel is quiet, cold, and has a preoccupation with history and pure blood lineage. He also has an obsession with dead things. He is into taxidermy, and spends most of his time gutting and stuffing animal carcasses in his room. This drives Alex crazy, however Nigel manages to insinuate himself into Alex's life, and the relationship that develops between these two guys is one of the strangest ones i have seen portrayed in cinema. Surprisingly Miramax has purchased the rights to this film. Surprisingly because, although "Like Minds" is a fine, and very special movie, it is doubtful that it will have a commercial success in the states, as it is just too dark, murky and off-beat for most mainstream movie-goers. It is also quite morbid. However i can see this one developing a cult following among fans of strange and sinister films. The cinematography is beautiful, and the scenes with Nigel and Alex are mesmerizing. There were of course, a few scenes that were not quite as effective. Mainly the ones that focused on Toni Collette's character, as a criminal psychologist. A couple scenes made the movie look like it might turn into another average murder mystery thriller. But those moments are few and far between, as the film refuses to be predictable, or normal in any way. The story becomes more bizarre, and more fascinating as it goes forward, and a couple plot twists really blew me away. And the character of Nigel, as portrayed by Tom Sturridge, was evil and menacing, and his pale, haunted look made for perfect casting. Eddie Redmayne as Alex was no less compelling. There were some really nice touches, and a couple tributes paid to other classic films about evil. Such as the rotweiller that protects Nigel, very much like the demonic dogs who protected Damian in the classic "Omen." And a grisly murder, featuring a young woman crucified with two rowing oars crossed. A similar ritual murder that featured in William Peter Blatty's 'Exorcist III." Oddly there is no one that the audience is urged to sympathize with, as both boys are very cold and unfriendly. Another fact that makes this so different from a Hollywood production. "Like Minds" is a very strange and unique film. I imagine that many people will hate this, and others, mainly those with a fixation on the darker sides of the human soul, will find it fascinating.

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