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Mutant Vampires from the Planet Neptune



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joshuadraineycma8 / 10

Check it out

If you go into this expecting gore, blood, violence, or gratuitous nudity you will be disappointed.

If you go into this expecting a light, fun film without anything too over the top you should enjoy yourself. This is a comedic horror film.

The characters are well cast and have good chemistry together.

The setting is used well. Luke Nelson is a believable oafish comical best friend, Buzz. Alex Onda's Yuri works as the straight man with slightly wounded puppy dog, yearning romantic. Chelsea Falbo and Jax Kellington are paired well as best friends, Cass and Starr. Julene Fontaine's Larissa is a solid fifth wheel and killjoy.

The mutant vampire looks great. The design on the vampire is a standout in the film.

Director McCarthy capitalizes on the woods and really sets the scene quite well with them.

There are a couple shots that really standout to me as well.

There's the shot where Larissa is leaving the cabin at night and the way that the cabin is lit is just very cool. It's a wide shot and from left to right the lighting goes from like a blue to a purple, but in the center beneath the entry way is an overhead light and it comes across as inspired by like giallo or Guillermo del Toro, and it works. It gives off kind of a haunted house attraction feel, which I like.

The other shot is when Larissa encounters the vampire, the way that the vampire fades into view from behind is very cool.

This is a nice homage to horror from the 50's and 60's, but with a little more violence and a lot more drug use. But still, overall it is not a very violent film.

The kills are executed well even if overall they aren't spectacular. They smack of a filmmaker who knows that their budget and ability to make a good looking kill is currently at a certain level, so rather than overreach and wind up with a bad looking over the top kill they chose to go with a well executed average kill.

Overall this is a fairly fun film. It comes across as a film that the director had a lot of fun with, and probably the cast did as well. My only real critiques are that the joints they rolled were really thin, and the finale was a little anti-climatic, but that's a risk one takes as an indie filmmaker because there's only so much risk you can take on to do a larger scale finale. I recommend watching this, it's streaming free on Tubi.

Reviewed by jaredprophet7 / 10

Low Budget Good Time

I watched Mutant Vampires From The Planet Neptune on Tubi, free w/ ads.

This is another cheap horror film from Calvin Morie McCarthy. Higher production values than Jesus, I Was Evil.

5 friends go out to party in a cabin in the woods, and party they do. But a Mutant Vampire alien has other ideas.

The core cast does a great job. You can really feel the bonding.

I really like the mask/costume of the Mutant Vampire. It's so cool.

There's also a really great drone tracking shot that works really well. And I liked the Mutant Vision thing.

Several of the cast did get topless in this.

This was a good time.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

The other vampire(s)

I reckon I have been used to "normal" looking vampires, so I was taken aback when I first saw this vampire/alien thing (no pun intended). My blood did not freeze though (I do wonder what that would do to a vampire while we're on that subject) - generally speaking there are a few things that you should not expect to see here. Foremost nudity and blood - this is more of a horror comedy with the emphasis on the characters that are in the movie.

What you can and should expect is a low budget movie with a decent monster suit and some neat effects containing violence. So having a heart and some love for b-movies (or c?) is almost something that should be there as a given.

Chelsey Falbo is playing one of the main characters and you are excused if you are enamoured by her beauty. I actually thought I had seen her in something before that, but I was mistaken. The movie having her is a big plus for me - and again talking about her face more than anything, since there is virtually no nudity in this. You may disagree of course. But hopefully the other characters and the weird comedy help for you to enjoy watching this ... just do not expect too much and anything this will not deliver ... maybe the title is one of the best things this has (besides Chelsey that is)

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