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Roger Moore as James Bond
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Steven Berkoff as Orlov
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Jeremy Bulloch as Smithers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Fun , exciting and thrilling new entry with a brilliant villain , Louis Jourdan

Bond again in an electrifying movie that scored a new hit in the action genre . The immortal agent 007 , whose deadly precision , sourness , irony and irresistible attractive is perfectly portrayed by Roger Moore. This time he investigates the killing one his colleagues who appeared dead with a Russian egg Faberge of incalculable price . He undergoes an incredible adventure with spectacular pursuits until a chilling countdown , leading to a possible nuclear holocaust . This time OO7 taking off an elegant villainnamed Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan) living in India, as Bond tries to stop him but the maniacal nasty wreak all sorts of havoc until Bond steps in and the heinous mastermind schemes to put a nuclear bomb at a circus whose owner is Octopussy (Maud Adams ,the only Bond girl who repeated acting , she previously played ¨The man with the golden gun¨) . Nobody does it better...thirteen times. James Bond's all time action high. Roger Moore. James Bond 007 . Nobody does him better. James Bond's all time high

The film contains excitement, emotion , lots of action , suspense , gorgeous women (a beautiful Kristina Wayborn) and extreme nasties (Jourdan , Steven Berkoff , Kabir Bedi) . The plot tosses in every cliché including the obligatory intervention from MonneyPenny (Lois Maxwell),M (Robert Brown) , and Q (Desmond Llewelyn) . Before essaying the role Bond , Roger Moore honed his suavity in the series as ¨The Saint¨, hence he adds a humorous-tongue-in-cheek dimension to Ian Fleming's famed creation as the connoisseur (women and wine especially) spy hero , starting his role Bond with ¨Live and let die¨. Film displays gimmicks and silly set pieces that usually marred the best Moore outings . In spite of a moving opening sequence and some thrilling scenes along the way the Bond-Moore series is starting to look a little bit tired , just as its main star . John Barry's music is unforgettable ,as always , and including a colorful cinematography by cameraman Alan Hume. An agreeable screenplay and more believable excitement with cliff-hangers situations come to mind ; still, this solid outing isn't a bad Bond and it does star the most sympathetic OO7 . This is one of the more watchable entries based on a short book by Fleming with the same title ¨Octopussy¨ and stars Roger Moore in top form as 007 and adding an assured direction by John Glen .

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Sorry, I think this is the weakest of the Roger Moore Bond movies

I have no intention of insulting anybody who likes this film, but I disliked this film. The Bond series may have a couple of bad eggs as well as some golden treasures, and I am sorry to say I consider Octopussy one of the bad eggs.

First off, it starts off brilliantly with a great opening sequence, while the locations and cinematography are suitably exotic. Roger Moore is decent as James Bond, apart from some very bizarre moments which I will be describing later, he seems to have toned down a bit, and Steven Berkoff and Louis Jourdan make for a pair of intriguing villains. Oh and Octopussy is sexy.

However, plot wise it is probably the most careless in the series. The plot meanders all over the place and lacks focus, complete with some truly bizarre scenes such as Bond in a clown suit(???) and the Tarzan yell in the jungle was for me unintentionally hilarious. The script is also paper-thin save for a few fun one-liners and the direction is disappointingly flat. The film is also too long and is fairly pedestrian, and I admit I have a love/hate relationship with All Time High. Personally I think the one sung by Madonna is the worst Bond song, but this one is for me one of the least melodious or memorable.

All in all, pretty disappointing and although a lot will disagree I do consider this the weakest Roger Moore Bond movie. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bkoganbing4 / 10

No Stopping 007

With his usual sophisticated aplomb Roger Moore saunters right through another way out adventure as 007. A man with a license to kill, James Bond should have given serious consideration to shooting the writers of this film.

Granted that Bond films are not to be taken seriously, I found Octopussy to be completely ridiculous. I'm still not quite understanding the connection between some Russian general played by Steven Berkoff stealing a nuclear weapon and plotting to set off an explosion inside a US Air Force Base and the stolen Romanov Faberge eggs that another agent died investigating.

But Octopussy has the usual Bond gadgets and Maud Adams in the title role as one beautiful Bond girl. The location cinematography, especially in India where the biggest portion of the film takes place is located is stunning. Then again I've always considered India, a visually stunning country from all the pictures I've seen of it.

Octopussy also has Rita Coolidge singing above the titles An All Time High. Why that was not nominated for Best Song of 1983 totally baffles me.

Louis Jourdan plays Bond's adversary, a millionaire of mysterious origins from the mysterious east. The final scene with Moore after Jourdan in the final chase borders on the ridiculous.

I won't say more, but literally it can be said that on land, water, and midair there was no stopping James Bond in Octopussy.

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