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Oh My Ghost

2022 [TAMIL]

Comedy / Horror

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN


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Sunny Leone Photo
Sunny Leone as Mayaseena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by cadarvl1 / 10

Confusing censoring

Okay the film in itself is bad, poor writing, poor dialogue, poor effects. Everything about it seems contrived, uninspired and ultimately, worst of all, boring. There is nothing funny or humorous about this "comedy horror" neither is there anything frightening or even unsettling in the slightest. It seems to define comedy as silly faces and horror as an occasional flash of lightning.

Most confusing though is the censorship. There are upskirt shots, revealing outfits and provocative dancing, though when cleavage is on screen it's too much and they put an obnoxious blur over it which serves to draw the eye to the area even more because it's distracting. The film starts with a disclaimer that it does not encourage violence against women, however the movie features scenes of battle, a female ruler slaughtering hordes of men without remorse and even keeping a man in a cage in her chambers. It would atleast make sense if they said "this film does not encourage violence of any kind" but yet they chose to be exclusionary about it. It is confusing.

Reviewed by prasad12871 / 10

I gave a 1 beacuse...

...I couldn't give a 0. They spent so much money on something with such a bad screenplay, dialogues and acting. Double meaning dialogues and scenes that doesn't work at all, over glamour for no reason.

I understand the need and market for movies of this kind, but why don't they make it good. The scary scenes doesn't work with invoking any kind of scare or emotion. Even the cheap jump scares sections were so bad. Not scary and not funny. It's neither there or neither here.

Had so many Vijay TV comedians in the movie, but they all were so underused. I really wish all the comedians (comali's) from Vijay TV really get a character in the movie which justifies using them and gives them some acting scope.

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