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One True Loves


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled48%
IMDb Rating5.410127

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Simu Liu Photo
Simu Liu as Sam
Michaela Conlin Photo
Michaela Conlin as Marie
Luke Bracey Photo
Luke Bracey as Jesse
Lauren Tom Photo
Lauren Tom as Ann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ricardofcamara-500226 / 10

Agradavel de assistir, mas faltou contar melhor a historia.

A pleasant movie to watch. I don't classify it as a comedy. It's a drama that's been toned down with a Hallmark-like happy ending. The story is very interesting and could be further explored in the individual conflicts of the characters. I found the scenes of the groom explaining his feelings to a bunch of students and teachers pointless. Here is where the film tries to be comedic and fails. He was alone and alone and needed to vent, but it could be with a friend and with fewer scenes. The film did not show much of the wife's suffering, we can only get an idea when the husband reads the letter she wrote. Another missing point was showing where the husband stayed and his suffering alone for 4 years. The ending was no surprise to me as these movies always end up with everyone getting together at the end and "everybody lives happily ever after".

As for the acting, I liked the wife, there was feeling in the conflict scenes. The husband also did well, however, he was hampered by the little screen time (should have more). I didn't like the groom, in the scenes of feelings he seemed kind of glace and he was more like a comedian (like a fool) when the subject was serious. I recommend it, I had fun.

Reviewed by goodellaa7 / 10

Relationship-flick nicely balances comedy and suspense.

This was quite good. Not a wrong note. Every technical aspect done well. I wanted to know more about the helicopter adventure, just for fun and to make the overall story more real. No problem, though, as this is a story about love and what can happen in unusual circumstances. Every character rings right. This happy movie also isn't afraid to poke fun at itself at times. The humor also, is about love. I felt involved in the story enough to be really concerned about how the characters could deal with the difficult dilemma that is the plot. Not at liberty to reveal much. Suspense builds toward the end, especially for those of us who don't watch movies like this much. Recommended.

Reviewed by Davidon806 / 10

She should have went with the other guy.

Was pleasantly surprised by this movie. While the set up is a little clunky, imagine the end scene in castaway where Tom Hanks turns up to his wife's home and then turn that into a movie. Had this script been written in the 2000s I can easily see the movie being a screwball Cameron Diaz vehicle with a much bigger emphasis on the comedic elements in the script, perhaps even Ashton Kuchner popping up somewhere. But what this movie does instead of playing for laughs is wring the drama out of the story, giving the two leads Phillipa Soo and Luke Bracey a lot of time to build their romance, which does make us invested in the love triangle element once it occurs. Which is to the detriment of Simu Liu, who does a lot of work away from the main leads, which slightly undermines his leading man status, as Soo and Bracey are the ones we're rooting for, and Liu seems like a genuine inconvenience for most of the movie and is given very little beyond his third wheel status.

Phillipa Soo is great as a leading lady genuinely torn by her love of two fine men, Bracey and Liu both do good work, a pleasant surprise and one definitely worth checking in on.

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