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Orders from Above


Biography / Drama / History / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ramjamram10 / 10

Deep Historic Insights

I would highly recommend this film. It is brilliantly executed and the script is very mature.

I look forward to more films by Director Vir, who I suspect will product more bigger budgeted films. If he can create this masterpiece with limited budget and in a pandemic, imagine what he will produce in a proper studio and budget.

What amazes me beside the topic is how Vir wrote and directed this controversial topic. There are very few people who knows what happened after WW2. Many assumed the maters to be closed. Very few people know about the migration to South America and even operational paper_____. I am amazed how a younger person can understand to a detail of the the intricacies of geo political historic events.

Bravo, Dir. Vir. Bravo!!!!!

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies5 / 10


Adolf Eichmann (Peter J. Donnelly) has been captured and brought to Israel to stand trial. Without enough evidence to prosecute him, the job of getting a conviction falls to Israeli Mossad agent Avner Less (Richard Cotter).

The first full-length film directed and written by Vir Srinivas, this is a big concept: two men in one room discussing why the Holocaust happened, all shot in black and white.

At one point, after learning why Eichmann joined the German cause, Avner makes him stare at the direct result of his evil, as he plays graphic - and real - documentary footage of the mass burials within the extermination camps.

Where Eichmann claims that he was only following orders, saying "I was a small cog in the gigantic machine of the Third Reich," Avner is his opposite, a man of convictions who stands in the way of execution until he the proper evidence to viewed.

What Avner finds is worse than he believed it could be: Eichmann is not some horror movie villain. Instead, he's just a bureaucrat that coldly filed the paperwork to order at least six million people to die. That's more frightening than someone baring their teeth and threatening you outright.

This feels like a stage play, but it works for film and takes advantage of the talents of its leads. Sure, it's odd to hear both speak in Australian accents, but you get past it as the quality of the script is that good.

Reviewed by shapet998 / 10

Powerful subject, slightly problematic execution

I saw this film as part of the Las Vegas International Film and Screenplay Festival, and was immediately fascinated by the premise. It must be said, right off this is a big swing for all involved: writer-director, actors, from tackling the sensitive subject matter to the bold choice to shoot it in black and white. I appreciate all of it and artistically, it elevates the overall piece.

But I have to say the Australian (and British?) accents, where you wouldn't expect them, took me out of the film a lot. I do suppose the use of a specific regional accent would be better than a scenery chewing exaggerated German accent on Adolph Eichmann's part, but it really was distracting.

Also, as bold a choice as the B&W was, I hope the team goes back and revisits the grading of the film so it doesn't feel as flat or videotape-like. They made a really powerful and bold choice with black and white and captured some great light and dark. I hope they bring it out more and deepen and shade with contrast, shadows, and the like before the final release, because it is almost there.

Ultimately, still a powerful swing and I respect it very much.

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