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Orora gongju

2005 [KOREAN]

Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darkmax8 / 10

Only a loving parent will understand how she feels

For those of you that like the amount of cruelty and bloodshed in Lady Vengeance, this film will seem subtle.

The acting of the female lead is convincing enough to warrant the 106 minutes of it.

At first, the movie seemingly revolves around a young woman who kills mercilessly for justice. However, as the story continues, her actions became methodical and preempted. Only at the very end of the story do we actually get to know the angst, grief and pain that forced her into such a state of mind.

This movie, although Korean, also reflects on the other Asian societies where wealth, materialism and self-centredness are overshadowing the importance of kindness and virtue.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho7 / 10

Revenge of a Mother

In Seoul, the thirty-three year-old Jung Sun-jung (Jeong-hwa Eom) sees an abusive stepmother beating up on her stepdaughter in the bathroom of a department store and she stabs the woman to death with a stiletto. Detective Oh Sung-ho (Seong-kun Mun) interviews the little girl and watches the tape of the surveillance camera of the department store, finding the lead of Sun-jung. However he does not disclose his discovery to his partner. Sun-young works in a car dealer of Porches and then she kills a young woman in a massage house and later her lover in his apartment. The partner of Sung-ho finds the sticker of cartoon character Princess Aurora in each victim and Sung-ho meets and has sex with Sun- jung that is his ex-wife. She steals his handcuffs and kidnaps a taxi driver, killing him later. Then she abducts and kills the son of the owner of the restaurant Hanseung. Sung-ho finally discloses to his chief Byun Sang-ho that the serial-killer is his ex-wife and their six year- old daughter Oh Min-ah that they called Princess Aurora had been abducted, raped, killed and dumped naked in a landfill on the day of her birthday exactly one year ago. They discover that Sun-jung has kidnapped the defense attorney Kim Wu-Taek that had defended the killer Hong Gi- beom that was sent to a mental institution instead of prison. The police and the press head to the landfill where Min-ah was found expecting to meet Sun-young and her hostage.

"Orora Gongju" a.k.a. Princess Aurora is another great Korean movie of revenge of a mother. The story is very well constructed, with an excellent screenplay that discloses the plot like a puzzle like most of the Korean films. The story begins with a serial-killer murdering people apparently without any connection but in the end there is an explanation for each death. The direction and the performances are also top-notch. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Princesa Aurora" ("Princess Aurora")

Reviewed by mrswizz8 / 10

Some films are just good

Okay, so as a fan of the Korean cinema look I brought Princess Aurora... and I have to say that I was VERY impressed. It is a difficult film to watch at times, and it does take a while for the film to get going.

I'm not going to put in any spoilers but if you do not want to know anything at all about the film please just accept that it is worth it and stop reading.

Im trying not to sound to geeky but imagine if David Mamet (glengarry glen ross, Ronin) wrote for chan Wook Park (old boy, lady vengeance) and you would know what I mean.

OK, so half an hour into the film I thought it was just another murder film, but it really is so much more.

It is not perfect by any means. the police seem clumsy at times and the film gel as well as it could, but this is all for a reason, and that reason is shown in the 20 minute finale which is better than anything Hollywood can do. It is the type of ending that has you literally hiding behind a cushion one minute, then jumping up and cheering the next.

If you liked lady vengeance or dark water, this is a film for you, if you like good cinema that makes you think then again this is a good movie for you.

Park may be the fashionable director at the moment, and rightly so if you have seen his films, but Eun-jin Bang who directed this film is definitely one to look out for. Also, you should watch this before Hollywood remakes it, which no doubt it will at some point.

I just liked the movie, and I hope more people give it a go.

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