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Painted Woman


Action / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright100%
IMDb Rating5.9102466

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Kiowa Gordon Photo
Kiowa Gordon as Chato
Matt Dallas Photo
Matt Dallas as Frank Dean
Laurel Harris Photo
Laurel Harris as Ellie Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by linda-export3 / 10

Western that had potential

Whoever wrote the screen play decided that limited character development and non-existent dialogue was the way to go. It was predictable and simplistic. Not a great movie

Reviewed by nogodnomasters2 / 10

She's wearing boy clothes

Plot spoilers.

Kyle Allison (Robert Craighead) is a rich man who lives with a woman he got out of a brothel. When he tires if her, because she looked at one of his guests, he swaps her in for a younger model. Frank Dean (Matt Dallas) the man she looked out, is hired to kill her by Allison. Julie (Stef Dawson) our painted woman manages to escape because our professional assassin forgot to load his weapon and can't track a pale woman in girly shoes and a dress in the woods in moonlight. And then she is suddenly on horseback, she got from...?

Now Julie must die because...? I am not sure why. There is a mention of the Apache having a painted woman ceremony to celebrate womanhood, which doesn't really tie into the film unless you count a poorly developed dream.

Now I love women revenge films, especially when they get revenge in slow creative painful ways. A shot to the chest. Not so much.

Guide: No swearing or nudity. Poorly Implied sex scene.

Reviewed by elo-equipamentos6 / 10

Expendable neo western!!

Once more my brother who is a huge fan from this genre gave me this picture and after spent almost two hours long to see it, l've stayed a deeply disappointed by a good premisse to be lost during the way, the early chapter was really fine and interesting but after Julie run away in a open field, the picture shown us how it was a poor and cheap production, also the mustangs caught in that time weren't a pure breed of horse how was portrait on movie, forgetting this mistake the final scene is too clumsy to be acceptable, he revenge is quite usual, nothing new, the music score no make sense due under sorrow theme!!!


First watch: 2018 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD-R / Rating: 6

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