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Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals

1978 [ITALIAN]

Crime / Horror / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon6 / 10

A lot of sex, a little gore and an anti-imperialist message!

If you're looking for gore in this film, you'll probably be disappointed. Apart from two brief moments of cannibalism and the slaughtering of two dead pigs, there is nothing else worth mentioning. I believe that this time D'Amato's heart was more in the erotic aspect. And he either got lucky or he got smart with the casting here, because it is spot-on: the actress who plays Papaya has a face that looks a little like Pam Grier's and a body to die for (and some men do!),and the blonde female lead is even more gorgeous, and a fairly capable actress as well. The true climax of the film is a 3-minute lesbian scene between them that is very well-done - one for the anthology books, as these things go. To sum up, as a horror film this gets a ** but as an erotic film it gets a ***.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison5 / 10

D'amato. Cannibals. That's enough to pique my interest...

The titular character of Joe D'amato's Papaya, Love Goddess of the Cannibals is an exotic dark-skinned beauty played by Melissa Chimenti; I'm guessing that Laura Gemser wasn't available. Papaya belongs to a tribe who are fighting back against industrialists planning to build a nuclear reactor on their tropical island. Using sex as bait, Papaya lures her victims into deadly traps, her latest target being geologist Vincent (Maurice Poli). Vincent is drawn to a remote village where he and his companion, reporter Sara (Sirpa Lane - average face, great body),are forced to participate in a voodoo ritual, and are subsequently held captive, both falling under the erotic spell of Papaya.

Kicking off things with an oral castration, Papaya, Love Goddess of the Cannibals looks set to be one hell of a trashy treat for fans of Italian sleaze, but the film turns out to be far less brutal than expected, the bulk of the film focussing on the main characters sexual liaisons: Papaya, Vincent and Sara play 'pass the partner', with the leader of the island rebels joining in the fun later on. Anyone watching for splattery cannibalistic action will be sorely disappointed: apart from the opening emasculation, the only other gory moment comes during the the islander's 'round stone' ritual, where two dead pigs are eviscerated and a man has his heart cut out and eaten. Other than that, it's just an endless succession of soft-core coupling (albeit with full frontal from both sexes),and very little in the way of plot; while this might still appeal to many D'amato fans, I found it all rather dull and repetitive.

4.5/10, rounded up to 5 for the twist ending, the only original thing about the whole film, and for the funky disco music that gets the islanders naked and gyrating during the round stone ritual.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda4 / 10

Not really a cannibal flick, this is sexploitation all the way...

Joe D'Amato seems to be Italy's answer to Jess Franco. As most of you no doubt know, this means he made a ridiculous number of exploitation films and pornos. Like Franco too, his output usually has the feeling of a man with a little bit of talent making a film with great speed and little concern for the end result. In fairness, Franco did at the very least direct some interesting and stylish erotic horror films but in the case of D'Amato it's simply trash all the way.

Love Goddess of the Cannibals is a sexploitation movie in the guise of a cannibal flick. Presumably it was retitled to this moniker to cash in on the brief cannibal craze in Italian cinema circa 1978-81. I say that it must've been repositioned to exploit this craze after the event because the movie has extremely little flesh-eating action. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if there was any at all. What it does have though is lots and lots of sex and nudity. There are several endless soft-core fumbles that are surprisingly dull, all things considered. The best part in the film I thought was the native ceremony where some naked people get down and dance to some hilariously inappropriate 70's Euro funk. Sadly, there aren't too any other highlights for anyone who is not a D'Amato disciple. The pacing is pretty terrible and not a whole lot really seems to happen although the Caribbean location is admittedly quite diverting and does give the film a certain exotic flavour. It stars Maurice Poli of Rabid Dogs fame. It's a bit of an artistic fall for Maurice working under the great Mario Bava, only to then be prancing around with his John Thomas flapping about in a Joe D'Amato flick four years later.

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