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Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled22%
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romantic comedy

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Burt Reynolds Photo
Burt Reynolds as Buddy Evans
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Beverly D'Angelo as Maggie
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Aileen Quinn as Little Girl at Park
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Burt's roguish charms

Buddy Evans (Burt Reynolds) is the most eligible bachelor in New York managing Madison Square Garden. He's 44 and something is missing from his life. With his friends Larry (Norman Fell) and Kurt (Paul Dooley)'s advise, he decides to find a surrogate mother with whom to have a son. The search runs into various roadblocks including a misunderstanding with interior designer Jenny (Lauren Hutton). Maggie (Beverly D'Angelo) is a waitress at his diner hangout who gets accepted to study music in Paris. While chasing after Jenny, Buddy gets into a cab with Maggie. Buddy loses Jenny but Maggie needs the money and accepts the unusual proposal.

Burt Reynolds uses all of his roguish charms to make this one work. There are warning signs that my young mind probably didn't understand while watching this back in the day. Watching it today, Burt hanging out with a bunch of kids is awkward at best. Since it's Burt, it's still pretty funny. The most memorable sequence is chasing Lauren Hutton. It's so memorable that I conflated her character with Maggie. This has some awkward fun while able to maintaining a light-hearted feel.

Reviewed by missygoldstein10 / 10

Fun, Adorable, Sweet

Sometimes HBO will air the most random movies. I just watched "Paternity" again. I saw it back in the day and loved it then and now.

The story of a middle aged successful single bachelor who feels eomthing is missing in his life. He decides he wants a baby, but not a wife or girlfriend...just a baby. He hooks up with Maggie (Diangelo) who is a waitress who also plays the french horn saving for a trip to Paris. He offers her money to be the surrogate (not quite as common then as it is today) and she accepts. During the months that they are together while she's carrying the baby it's obvious to see that they are destined to fall in love, but while it may be predictable it is just very sweet.

Great chemistry between buddy and maggie (reynolds and diangelo).

Reviewed by rich-32010 / 10

Nostalgic RomCom for many

I was watching a marathon of National Lampoon vacation flix, and I instantly thought of this movie when I thought of Beverly D'Angelo. She's done many, many memorable movies over the years. Hair, the John Candy flick Summer Rental, and this one are standouts. Suburban Mom roles for Beverly. Odd, but she does it well.

This movie is all about Beverly, and Burt allows it. Which I think is very cool. Because she excels in the role. About as serious as an 80's RomCom can stand to be.

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