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Poison for the Fairies

1986 [SPANISH]

Fantasy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Milo-Jeeder10 / 10

" can I make a deal with the devil?"

Word of advice: if you're looking for a genuine horror film with decent scares and gore, don't expect any of those things in this movie. "Poison for the fairies" is not a horror movie, although it was advertised as one. It was directed by the well known Mexican horror director Carlos Enrique Taboada, which probably led to some misinterpretation when it came out. I would probably label this movie as an exceedingly captivating, charming and stylish adventure/family/dark-comedy with some mildly disturbing situations here and there. Other than that, I would never recommend this film to anyone who is in the mood for real horror. As a matter of fact, I think this movie is in reality suitable for all audiences, including children. The final scene is a little bit wicked, that's true, but the rest of the story is somehow childish and naive in a good way. Even though this film ended up being poles apart from what I was actually expecting, I must say that this film is charming and lovable in a way that I would have never imagined.

"Poison for the fairies", is some kind of wicked fairy tale about two little girls who become friends, despite the fact that there entirely unlike. Flavia is the nice, innocent girl who doesn't know anyone at school and has no friends. On the other hand, Veronica is a weird and yet sweet-looking blonde schoolgirl who happens to be fixated with witches and all kinds of sinister things. This fascination for witchcraft and her peculiar manners, earn her a very bad reputation among the other girls. Regardless, Veronica doesn't seem to care and she even claims to be a witch herself!. At first, Flavia doesn't trust her friend's menacing side, but eventually, she becomes a victim of Veronica's delusional reality and constant charades, until she finally ends up believing what is clearly a lie. In "Poison for the fairies", we see this amusing friendship that connects these two little girls and their deplorable attempts for black magic.

I honestly didn't think I was going to be so fascinated by a movie that didn't promise anything at all, to begin with. "Poison for the fairies" is a movie that reminded me of some of some Italian horror films, due to its artistic virtues and antique settings. "Poison for the fairies" is a very naïve adventure/family/horror fairy tale that shows a magical and dark world seen by an untrained and hopeless little girl who sees an alternative reality. The circumstances that Flavia and Veronica undergo to during the course of this film, are adorably entertaining. I'll never understand why "Poison for the fairies" is actually measured as a horror film by some people. The only scenes that may have a little share of horror, are the ones in which the figure of a creepy witch appears very quickly. Also, the final minutes are a little bit too dark and dramatic for a movie that didn't prepare the audience for something like that and it was the only thing I didn't enjoy that much. Other than that, this film is highly enjoyable, calm and enchanting. Be prepared to enjoy a dark comedy for children, with a very unexpected and powerful ending.

Reviewed by o_lopez8 / 10

A Very Good, Tense, Fantastic, and Scary Film

Veneno Para las Hadas is a very good horror/fantasy movie. It's very psychological too because Graciela (Ana Patricia Rojo) constantly submits her new friend Fabiola (Elsa Maria Gutierrez) through extortion forcing her to believe her that she is a witch and bad things could happen to Fabiola if she doesn't give her what she wants. Graciela is an orphan who listens to her grandmother's horrific fairy tales and her nanny's knowledge about withces and pacts with the devil. Graciela learns a lot about witchcraft and uses her knowledge against Fabiola, the daughter of a rich family, who is new in the all-girls private school where the two first meet. Contrary to Graciela, Fabiola is brought up in a very modern way being told that ghosts, demons and witches don't exist. Not even prayers are encouraged in Fabiola's family. Knowing this Graciela forces Fabiola into giving her the things she wants on basis of her being a witch and there is more convincement by Fabiola when a strange coincidence totally convinces Fabiola that her new friend is indeed a witch. Fabiola changes from skeptic of everything (including prayers) to a believer of ghosts and witches.

The movie is set apart by only the main character's points of view because we never see the faces of the adults, we only see them in unnatural ways or in very low light. Even though Graciela appears to be evil, she and Fabiola are still very young and childish in their behavior.

A great musical score by Carlos Jimenez Mabarak delivers a fairy tale-like atmosphere to the already beautiful cinematography by Lupe Garcia. Set in early 60's Mexico City and the Tlaxcala woods, Veneno para las adas is a fairy tale by itself. A very dark one anyways, like the ones the Nana tells Graciela before going to bed.

Reviewed by Johan_Wondering_on_Waves8 / 10

Very little horror but what a strong ending

The movie is filmed in Mexico taking place during the sixties. We have Flavia an aristocratic girl of 11 being the new kid on the block. She befriends Veronica, pretty blonde and angelic face who lives with her grandmother and nanny. Her parents died but it's never specified how. Veronica is not really popular in school with the other kids claiming she is a witch. Flavia gets intrigued by this and asks Veroinica if she can cast a spell on her piano teacher as she really hates the lessons. Much to Flavia's surprise the spell actually works but not like she wanted it. Flavia who is kind-hearted feels guilty and Veronica handily takes advantage of that, manipulating her friend to do things she never dared or give away things that are dear to Flavia. How long can Flavia take the psychological domination from her friend? The movie really isn't for the ones expecting horror even the atmosphere is one of a youth drama. I would say psychological thriller at most. The whole movie is focused on the 2 girls (I don't think there is any scene which doesn't have either Flavia or Veronica in it) which is even enforced by rarely showing the faces of the adults. They are usually filmed from the back or chest height. Kudos to the director, really loved that technique. There is lots of scenes (different places outside in mostly sunny landscapes) where the girls gather the most strange ingredients to eventually make the poison for fairies. According to Veronica fairies are the enemies of witches that's why she wants them dead. Most of the scenes look pretty innocent even lovely, fun between two friends. However the ending is quite unexpected and pretty strong. During the whole movie I thought about giving it a 7 or 7,5 but that ending was so good I give it an 8/10.

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