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Ponniyin Selvan: Part Two

2023 [TAMIL]

Action / Adventure / Drama

Plot summary

Uploaded by: FREEMAN


Top cast

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Photo
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Oomai Rani / Nandini
Kishore Kumar G. Photo
Kishore Kumar G. as Ravi Dasan
Vikram Photo
Vikram as Aditha Karikalan
Sobhita Dhulipala Photo
Sobhita Dhulipala as Vaanathi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vishalmellark10 / 10


The drama , the staging is so much better than any film its compared to . I wont say it doesn't have its flaws , but there so many positives to love about . The -ve's fade away.

Aishwarya rai bachchan Aishwarya rai bachchan Aishwarya rai bachchan

That women is a wonder. The way she screamed in that one scene, holy goddamn.

Vikram as aditha karikalan , that dude is just like fr . Born to get his heart broken by beautiful women.

Karthi as Vanthiyathevan , Trisha as kundavai ate everyone.

They are born to do these roles. You know ponniyin selvan actor is a right choice when he nails the scenes with less dialogue and more expressions, mannerisms. That interval scene for example.


ART WORK , SET PIECES , SCREENPLAY, THE PURPOSEFUL closeup shots , Dialogues, Direction.

We can see a bit of Shakespeare, Polanski or infact innaritu sometimes in this film . A visual wonder , A modern masterpiece.

I can understand the negative reviews totally , I wouldn't judge. Not every food is for you to taste.


Reviewed by shaikhirshad-412235 / 10

Ponniyin Selvan-2 starts with a bang but ends drastically....

First of all thanks to Mani Ratnam for thinking and making a visionary story like this by knowing this kind of projects always worth a risk but then to directing with such a huge cast is impressive. Talking about the film it starts at the same place where the 1st part ended. And the 1st half of the film is excellent and worth watch. All the characters that were established in the 1st film continues to impress in the 1st half specially Aishwarya Rai & Karthi's character both were impressive. But the 2nd half film falls completely flat where all the characters were ruined and misplaced. While seeing 2nd half it was like director was in a hurry to just wrap the story up and finish somehow and you can easily guess and predict where the movie falls. Even the established characters was also ruined and director didn't utilize their potential at all. Screenplay is as usual as the 1st part little slow sometimes movie bore you and sometimes it gets interesting. Bgm and music was good. Vfx and set pieces are enjoyable but the story and execution was lacking at the end completely. I would not give any spoilers but those who like the 1st one can easily enjoy 1 time and give the time to this film. But this film is not everyone's cup of tea. I've enjoyed the 1st one but the conclusion doesn't satisfied me. (5/10)

Reviewed by cinephile-0078 / 10

Should have been a trilogy

Adapting a book to screenplay is never a easy task, especially if the book spans across multiple parts. The movie should never lose its core value and at the same time keep its viewers entertained.

Maniratnam has done his best to achieve both but at some times we are left wondered if he should have made it a trilogy rather than a duology. At times it felt like there was a lot happening that could have been expanded into a 3rd movie.

The moment you walk out of PS 2,you have mixed feelings about it. It runs for 2.45hrs and yet the plot feels rushed at times.

Jayaram Ravi was the show stealer in this one while Trisha had pretty much nothing to do except the beautiful Aga naga sequence with Karthi.

The final battle had no impact on the movie.

Overall PS2 is a worthy sequel to its predecessor.

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