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Prison 77

2022 [SPANISH]


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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Javier Beltrán Photo
Javier Beltrán as Arnau Solsona
Miguel Herrán Photo
Miguel Herrán as Manuel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ponderato4 / 10

Interesting, but far too long and stereotipical

Personally, I found it really interesting to learn stuff about the situation of common inmates during the period and this prisioner's association, but I think that, just like "Argentina 1985", it would have made a much better documentary than a feature film. I found it far too long and repetitive, and at times tedious. It would have been stronger had it been half an hour shorter. The guards also, are represented as an uniformly evil bunch and their stereotypical brutality would have been more suited to the likes of a Rambo kind of film, particularly considering that it claims to purport a real story.

Reviewed by danielcereto5 / 10

Just Ok

I'm Spaniard, so I was excited about this movie. I grew up in the 80's in a town close to Barcelona.

So, apparently the movie looks interesting and pedagogical to learn about the political transition in my country, from a dictatorship to Democracy.

To add, the view comes from one of the most famous prisons in Barcelona, La Modelo. But, sadly the result is just a formulaic, stereotypical movie. Overall, a wasted opportunity.

First, acting is correct. A bunch of usual great actors with a bland script.

Second, settings are great but repetitive. It looks like the budget was not enough.

Last, it does not add anything remarkable or new to a story that you can read in 30 minutes.

So, overall, not a great movie. Just 120 minutes of formulaic and sometimes boring story.

Reviewed by Jithindurden8 / 10

A solid thriller based on an incredible true story.

The way the people who are thought to be the lowest, the criminals belonging to all the different levels worked together and showed solidarity towards the injustice of a system that sells itself as reformed was inspiring to watch. But even then it does show even with the amount of support they can get, it can still only go so far with the way the world works at certain times. Throughout the movie, I was very invested in the cause and not the characters themselves that much, so when the end became more about the personal aspects, it wasn't completely fulfilling to me. It almost felt like casting the Money Heist actor was because they wanted the audience to feel reminiscent at the end on some level, maybe. Nonetheless, a pretty great thriller, I saw this year.

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