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2011 [RUSSIAN]

Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gandf-157287 / 10

A Russian Romansh (sic) story

I really enjoyed this film and yet I don't know why I chose to watch it. Subtitled films I generally avoid. If I had the concentration to read that's what I would be doing. This is the first Russian film I've watched. It has elements I enjoy, such as a bleak setting, and old wrongs being put right. The back story of the main character Romansh - as named in the English subtitles - is what made the story work for me. I found the resolution of his story very satisfying. Maybe I'll watch more subtitled films now. A solid 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by ksf-28 / 10

from russia... with love

From russia. With murder. When workers at a weather station ( Pyotr Logachev, Vladimir Gusev,Sergey Garmash) and their guests vadim and irina ( Sergey Yushkevich, Marina Aleksandrova ) all disappear, investigators try to figure out what happened. There's something familiar about the cook... a young guy, who had a very rough childhood. And why would a couple visit a snow covered weather station for vacation anyway? Were they looking for the yeti that is rumored to be in the area? Known as "pryachsya" in russia. Hide.. or hidden ? My russian is pretty rusty at this point. It's good. There are more connections between them than anyone knew about. Directed by johnny oreilly. Irish director, who had studied russian. Has directed five films to date. Story by Aleksey Kolmogorov. It's pretty good mystery and suspense coming from russia; i'm glad that netflix is doing the captions and or dubbing so that we can see material coming out of other countries. The translation is very good.

Reviewed by alexfromhorn8 / 10

Good movie with many unexpected twists

It's about a meteorological station were some bad things happen. Parallely the investigation after the events is being shown to us by two charismatic policemen. They investigate step by step each clue and we're getting all the pieces of the puzzle piece by piece over the whole movie. There were some moments were I thought "oh no that is such an exaggerated situation/reaction" and but later on some sick twist made it suddenly appear reasonable. I think everyone who is into the crime/thriller/mystery type of movie should try this movie. The whole cinematography was also way better executed than I'm used to from Russian productions.

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