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Racing Hearts


Action / Drama / Romance

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Jamie Dornan Photo
Jamie Dornan as Colin
Anthony Head Photo
Anthony Head as Colin's Father
Sharon Maughan Photo
Sharon Maughan as Mother Colin
Numan Acar Photo
Numan Acar as Karadeniz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark103 / 10

Catch the pigeon

Colin (Jamie Dornan) is a Wall Street high flyer who goes to Dubai to convince a Sheikh to invest in his company's fund rather than his rival. The sheikh reveals that he is a fan of competitive pigeon racing and dreams of winning the prestigious Barcelona pigeon race.

However to do that he needs a fast pigeon, one owned by a grouchy old Belgian who refuses to part with it even though he has been offered sackful of cash by the Arab.

Taking the hint, Colin descends to Belgium on the pretext of finding a war grave of his ancestor and falls for the old man's granddaughter.

This is small scale film, it has some charm but it was better done in films such as Local Hero. I just thought this got boring very quickly.

Reviewed by cekadah3 / 10


First I must say something very rude - Isabelle Pauwels (Charlotte De Bruyne) is not much to look at and I didn't believe for a minute that Colin (Jamie Dornan) would have been remotely interested in her. Here we have a NYC high finance hunk suddenly falling head over heals for a simple country girl in Belgium.

Then the old folks and those pigeons!! And a billionaire middle eastern guy that must have the prized pigeon. Fony baloney crap! Not believable at all. AND who couldn't figure out that the prized pigeon would fly home?? Every character came across as just a bit to simple and the pigeon was the only smart one in the whole group.

The WW1 connection was so loosely injected into the story it was a laff!!

Reviewed by renata190110 / 10

I'm fascinated

Before watching a movie I always look out for the reviews and watch the trailer and see the comments. The trailer seemed like an okay movie and the reviews aren't really that good but I decided to give it a try because I felt like it could turn out as a good movie. Jamie Dornan was really good at his acting and I really enjoyed Charlotte De Bruyne's acting also. This movie had me really into it since the beginning and I just found it fascinating cause it also got me sentimental at some point and there a few movies that really give you that feeling. I give it a 10 and people should give it a try and see it, I totally recommend it.

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