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Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 4



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow2 / 10

Rape Zombie 4: Worst one thus far

It's been so long since I watched the first three movies I almost forgot the plot, 4 & 5 were not easy to get hold of!

Following on from the events of the third movie this not so politically correct franchise delivers its 4th and worst addition thus far.

For those of you unaware the series is about a zombie apocalypse with a twist. As soon as a man develops any sexual desire he becomes a zombie and instead of brains or human flesh they seek erm......sexual satisfaction. Needless to say that means 99% of the worlds men are now undead, women are in hiding and the remaining men are a combination of A-sexuals and what would be known in modern day society as incels.

Again this series is far from politically correct but again remember Japan has always had a very casual view of sexual violence in movies compared to the west. Don't expect a Hollywood remake anytime soon.

You'd think these movies would be dumb and crass when in fact they're oddly smart..........and crass. You see the mythology and social commentary behind them is remarkable, it's deep, it's insightful and manages to be both misogynistic and misandric at the same time.

The trouble is it's very out of place in a film like this and certainly not what I'd imagine the average viewer would be seeking. The scale of the plot only widens here and gets really over convoluted to the point where it's a tad unbearable.

From a sociological standpoint these are fascinating, from an entertainment one though not so much.

The Good:

Follows on from the previous films

The Bad:

Score doesn't fit

Missed opportunities in the plot

Ridiculous random floating subtitles

More crass than ever before

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder7 / 10

Solid if slightly flawed continuation

As the virus rages across Japan, the group of women trying to fight off the rampaging hordes of raping male zombies learns that a robotic protector has found a manner of stopping the virus altogether by traveling to the past in order to prevent it from being unleashed to begin with.

This was another wildly fun if somewhat flawed entry in the series. Most of what makes this one so much fun is the continuation of the wild exploitation excess usually featured so far in the franchise. This one wastes no time in extrapolating nudity here which is ably supplied by the performers here, with the opening sword-fight between the clones and the evil robot involving the two combatants slicing each other's clothing to the point of exposing themselves while one of the clones manages to get disrobed for the entire fight. As well, there are numerous scenes of them stripping down or disrobing for inspections or rub-downs from everyone else, and the continuous softcore groping that pops up throughout here is both insanely sensual as well as significantly enhances the sleazy aspect of the story. That's before it takes into account the scenes of the women being raped where they get disrobed and touched all over as the very nature of these scenes adds more to the sleaze. Also rather enjoyable here are the exceptionally fun action scenes showcasing the battles with the zombies, which provides this one with some rather enjoyable action and some solid gore. The opening fight with the clones is rather fun, and the later scenes showing the two friends in the abandoned building overrun by the creatures has several stellar confrontations throughout the building and out onto the roof to provide some thrilling battles. The other solid plus in here is the continuation of the strong storyline present throughout the series, which manages to include the method of unleashing the virus in the first place and managing to carry on from the events established before. Still, even with these positives, there are a couple issues with this one. The biggest problem apparent here is the film's pacing, which is exceptionally troublesome with some segments coming together seemingly only to pad out the running time. The scenes with the talking head, in particular, are rather problematic, taking up a large part of the beginning here to detail nothing more than the history of perversion in their society that caused the whole epidemic. There's little reason we need to be stuck here as long as we are looking at a talking head with tubes sticking out of its neck describing this when it could've made the whole point in a fraction of the time. This lengthy series of cutbacks to get the whole point across eats up the flow and pace of the film which slows it down somewhat. As well, there's always the same general forces involved with this one in that the film is rife with scenes of rape and extreme exploitation of women which causes the subject matter to be quite problematic for some. Simply having that kind of material present isn't something some would like, and the presence of it might not appeal to all. The other flaw here is the low-budget effects which range from laughable CGI to hilariously cheap makeup that pops up to ruin several scenes here. Otherwise, this one was another rather fun franchise entry.

Rated Unrated/R: Continuous Nudity, Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Rape.

Reviewed by keithomusic1 / 10

Sorry Charlie, et al

This is a continuation of the first three movies, but, it contains little of the fun those 3 had. The first 12 minutes are a recap of the first 3 movies, however without showing the face of Arisu Ozawa, using some obvious editing the put someone who had a face similar in various scenes. Also none of the original actors seem to be in this extremely low budget film except for that recap at the beginning. Then, there is not 1/10th the nudity there was in the first three films. Although I watched this in Japanese with no English subtitles, I don't think it would have made a difference. This seems to be a cheap attempt to cash in. Except for the recap, the characters of the Cyborg chick and the scientist with the eye patch, this movie really has nothing in common with the first 3 films. Not worth the time, unless you are a fan of really bad movies

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