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RiffTrax Live: Birdemic - Shock and Terror


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bitbucketchip10 / 10


Never saw the Birdemic movie, and they tend to talk over the dialog, but from I could make out the movie was probably pretty funny before they got their hands on it. With their additions it's easily one of the funniest movies ever. Solid laughs all the way through, with a few laugh until you cry moments. These guys are brilliantly funny.

An unqualified ten stars.

Reviewed by hellraiser710 / 10

Film for the Birds

This is one of my favorite RiffTrax. One word for this film wow, as for the RiffTrax gang double wow. This film I'll just say it's almost hard to believe it even exists on this Earth. There is just so much bad flying for this movie, the movie is shot amateur style though personally some of the amateur films I've see like ones from "Dead Gentlemen" look ten time better than this movie because they actually are good let alone feel like actually movies. The lead actor can't act worth a toss, let alone walk like a normal person, serious dude you can walk at a normal pace. The script is bad from dialog and story structure, if feels like an incomplete rough draft. And of course, the CGI birds (that take a freakin long time to come into the film) and effects are just terrible, even a second grader would be able to tell the difference, heck I'm not even sure a second grader would fear this movie.

But this RiffTrax special like a good air show is just a spectacular feast of verbal mockery there is just not one dull moment of this special. The beginning with the credits which is probably the most uninteresting openings ever, Kevin, Mike and Tom their riffs in that sequence are gold. From what they say about the speed of the car driving that cracked me up, yeah, I guess even the lead doesn't know how to drive at a regular speed either. As the opening credits and driving still goes on, the guys each make a comment which just cracks me up.

And of course, that is all just the beginning the best or should I say worst is yet to come. Really like that dance and song scene, which is kind of weird as this is suppose to take place in a social restaurant/club but there's no one there and there is a singer but he has no band as music is playing, it's funny as it sounds like the RiffTrax guys are singing.

Then of course comes the birds themselves whom are overly a poor CGI overlap as you see them just flapping in simply one place and even the people in trouble look like their hardly even moving to get out of the way, they could simply just crawl under them.

It's funny when they comment on the bad CGI explosion how fake and unfatal, they look. But also on some of the so called attacks like one attack that was kind of gross when a group of three random people standing there for no particular reason get splashed with what is suppose to be I think bird piss or it looks like melted or leftover 7 Eleven slushy drink and it's just funny how the RiffTrax gang reacts to that scene and even the audience as they all react with the same disgusted sound but also what Kevin says at the end of the scene made me crack up.

This RiffTrax special flies high.

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TimoMajere7 / 10

Mike,Bill and Kevin do it yet again..

Once again, the Rifftrax guys ( formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame) have taken apart another terribly done movie and make it watchable with their commentary on the nuances of what they're watching. Now on a personal level, Birdemic is a terrible movie , appearing to be done on a 20$ budget and having change left over. I'd never watch it by itself, but the Rifftrax guys with their humour and 'no-holds-barred' approach to what they see and the plethora of cultural references can please both child and adult alike, however the child should really be accompanied by an adult; these Rifftrax guys are not for the feign at heart.

In all 9 out of 10 stars because well.. they mad this movie seen by more people with their commentary added on than the movie itself ever did.. and that's including the cast and production crew of the Movie itself 10x over. Guaranteed.

For my First review ever, I hope its adequate.

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