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Samuel S. Hinds Photo
Samuel S. Hinds as Lamartine
Basil Rathbone Photo
Basil Rathbone as Paul Reynard
Robert Cummings Photo
Robert Cummings as Bill Gregory
Irving Pichel Photo
Irving Pichel as Rocco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-26 / 10

a formerly wealthy man winds up at Devil's Island

In Rio, Basil Rathbone is Paul Reynard, a wealthy man seeking a loan from several banks. Actually, it transpires that he has given them all a lot of fraudulent bonds as collateral.

On his anniversary, he's arrested and shipped to Devil's Island. He makes his sidekick Dirk (Victor McLaglen) promise to keep an eye on his lovely wife Irene (Sigrid Gurie). Broke, Irene returns to her career of singing.

She then meets Bill Gregory (Robert Cummings),an engineer who was involved in a bridge that collapsed due to faulty materials - not his fault, but he is blamed. The two fall in love, although she stays loyal to her husband.

Reynard, however, escapes. There the trouble begins.

This is an odd, dark film, with some excellent performances. There are some good scenes - Reynard escaping through the swamp, Rio at Carnivale, and the nightclub scenes.

Not as good as the director's (John Brahm) other films, but recommended for fans of Rathbone and for the performances and atmosphere.

Reviewed by melvelvit-17 / 10

An oddball Universal "A" and possible "proto-noir"

A Parisian swindler (Basil Rathbone) sentenced to Devil's Island eventually escapes to find his wife (Goldwyn Edsel Sigrid Gurie) has fallen in love with another man (Robert Cummings)...

The year 1939 is considered a high water mark in Golden Age Hollywood's studio era but RIO is a movie I doubt we'll hear much about in the future (godknows, I never did in the past). It's an odd-ball Universal "A" with a "name" cast (Basil Rathbone, Victor McLaglen, Robert Cummings, Leo Carillo, Billy Gilbert, and, at the time, Sigrid Gurie) and probably a "programmer" (a movie shown as the bottom half of a double-bill in big theaters and by itself in smaller venues) that came and went rather quickly. The IMDb labels it "film noir" but it's not -not that I could see, anyway. If anything, it's quite possibly a "proto-noir" but that's only because of the director, German émigré John Brahm (THE LODGER, HANGOVER SQUARE, THE LOCKET) and the fact the protagonist is an "anti-hero", something unusual for movies in 1939. Rathbone's the star -it's his adventures we're following- and being France's answer to Bernie Madoff and a cold-blooded murderer made him no less likable. Basil was right at home as a French fancy pants but making with the beefcake was pushing it a bit, especially when stripped to the waist on a chain gang or making a daring escape through the swamps. The setting was quite ambitious (Paris, Devil's Island, various nightclubs, the South American jungle, Rio during Carnivale) and nicely realized, considering, but those four songs were there, no doubt, to pad it out -or promote Sigrid Gurie, who warbled three of them (which was two too many if you ask me). Siggie was launched the year before by Samuel Goldwyn as "The Norwegian Garbo" when he starred her in THE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO and if her talents had been more than modest, it probably wouldn't have mattered when the press later found out she was born in Brooklyn -but it did and she faded fairly quickly. I'd give it a "recommended if it's not going out of your way" -provided it ever pops up anywhere.

Reviewed by boblipton6 / 10

Not To My Taste, But Rathbone Is Great!

Basil Rathbone is a very wealthy man, until it turns out he isn't; there's a lot of fraud, so he winds up going to Devil's Island. His wife, singer Sigrid Gurie, is kept in thrall, with sidekick Victor McLaglen keeping an eye on her. But drunk Robert Cummings falls in love with her and she with him. She's still loyal to Rathbone, so Cummings goes far away and reforms. Meanwhile, Rathbone learns of the incipient affair, and escapes from Devi's Island, and heads to where Miss Gurie is performing, and Cummings -- in a pencil-thin mustache -- is hoping.

Rathbone is magnetic as the scheming dirtbag, sharp and sardonic and manipulative. Miss Gurie sings three sings, and Cummings plays his role adequately. McLaglen is very god, and there are some nice bits by Billy Gilbert, Leo Carillo, and Irving Pichel.

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