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Road Trip Hostage



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Nicole Andrews as Linda Frye
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hoops-534362 / 10

Slow Moving Snoozer

I had high hopes for this movie, but now wonder 'who wrote this crap?' No thrills, no scares, no excitement....just boredom on and on and on. And no cop would ever let the mom of a hostage victim ride along and run up to crime scenes and ruin some evidence. And c'mon, the mom-not the cop- does the talking to the bad guy at the end?

Research shows that this might be the first movie for Veronica Ramirez. If so, it was a very poor vessel for her debut. She looked good early with the dancing and dialogue. I would like to see more of her, but in something that would allow her to show some versatility. Don't waste your time on this boring stinker- I am sorry that I did.

Reviewed by deedrala4 / 10

Meh.....not good but not totally bad

Road Trip Hostage

I'm the second reviewer here, and the only reason I'm doing a review is to counteract the first overly gushing review by 'lmtearne', who's obviously the lead actress's BFF or sister. RTH certainly doesn't deserve such a glowing review. My main complaint with the movie is the lead girl's flat emotionless acting - nowhere near the glowing praise she was given in the first review. And her "dancing" was more like slow lackadaisical yoga-gymnastics than actual dancing, and totally out of rhythm with the accompanying music. No dancing talent shown whatsoever for someone with such a strong ambition for it.

The story was good and believable, except the part where the hotel clerk not only stood in the middle of the parking lot as an easy target for the criminal to run her over with the stolen car, but she actually turned around with her back to him while making the 911 call ABOUT HIM BECAUSE SHE SUSPECTED HE WAS A CRIMINAL. She seemed smart in the first part of her scene, guessing that he was shady and the girl was in trouble, then she does an utterly stupid thing like that. She was lucky that she was only knocked off her feet and not killed.

I have to note one thing that I realized: the lead actor bore a strong resemblance to a young Malcolm McDowell. And he did a much better job of believable acting than the girl. I realize she couldn't be throwing tantrums and screaming and crying the entire time she was being held hostage, but she showed little to no emotion at all.

I noticed a glaring goof: when Hilary texted Emma just before she was kidnapped, the time on Emma's phone was 2:01 but the time of her mom's text was three mins later, at 2:04. In the next scene, the time on Hilary's phone was 11:38. Very sloppy, noticeable mistake, Lifetime crew!

Like my title says: not good but not totally bad either.

Grade D - 4 out of 10.

Reviewed by lmtearne10 / 10

Loved it!

This movie was a really awesome triller! The main actress Veronica Ramirez, did a fantastic job playing the role of Emma. She really put herself into the character and made everything so real! I think she did a better job than some other actresses I have seen before. I am so happy to be one of the first people to watch this movie. The whole thing was made really magnificently and I would definitely watch it again if I get the chance to!!! I loved the part where Emma broke free of Rick and started running away and use the phone to trick Rick and then hitting him in the head with a rock(the hitting with the rock part was just satisfying). I truly believe that Veronica can become a famous actress and amaze the world with her flawless acting.

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