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Romance Doll


Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ks-605005 / 10

How a perfect product to create ?

Every success have a reason behind, this movie showing how a perfect doll is produced. I seldom watch Japanese movie but think this one quite catch my eye, little slow but the storyline is interesting and very humanized.

Reviewed by qck110 / 10

Funny at time but sometimes in a sad way, touching, and a tragedy

This movie starts out more as a comedy, and then it changes. It becomes a romance where a couple marries and starts having issues. The woman had asked for a divorce because she has learned that stomach cancer, and she cannot have babies. When the husband finds out, his response is husband married to be with her, for not for children. Their relationship is healing but then it they learn she has terminal cancer.

Tetsuo is an art school graduate that goes for a job interview and discovers it is a company that makes sex dolls and he is being hired to help in the design. He is very innocent man, and extremely shy with an innocence about sex. He is not really excited about the job but he really wants some money, and that means a job, so he accepts. The staff of the company are welcoming and very excited when they learn he will take the job...guess they have been having a hard time finding someone to take the job.

He works with an older man on creating a new doll. When the owner of the company is presented the doll, he is not happy with the feel of the breasts. He considers the feel of the breasts to be important in a high-end sex doll, and tells them it has to be fixed. I am not sure but I think that Tetsuo may not have ever felt a woman's breasts. So, they hire a model to use to for a cast for the breasts. To try not to scare off the model they pretend to be working on breast implants, and are now wearing lab coats when she arrives. Tetsuo is left alone to put the casting material on, and he is very hesitant in the application. Afterwards he and the old man are talking together, and it is felt that Tetsuo should have a chance to feel real breasts so that he can better replicate that feel. They go back to the model and ask her if he can feel her breasts, and are shocked when she accepts. Again, Tetsuo is left alone to feel her breasts. He is very tentative/respectful. As he feels the texture of her breasts, we hear his thoughts of how wonderful they feel.

She leaves, but then Tetsuo realizes that she had left her earrings, and so chases after her, and amazingly finds her since he has to search so long. Next thing we see is Tetsuo, the older man, and the model, Sonoko, having a meal in a restaurant together.

We the see Tetsuo and Sonoko getting married. Tetsuo is so extremely nervous that his hands are shaking violently. When he is presented the rings, and, his hand shaking, he tries to put the ring on his finger, but it will not fit. Then Sonoko guides his hands to put the ring on her finger.

Tetsuo has not told Sonoko the he actually works for a sex doll company, and he is so scared to tell her thinking that he will lose her when she finds out. He distances himself from Sonoko because of his embarrassment. He often stays out late. You see many images of them walking apar. Sonko disappare for several days, and when she returns, Tetsuo confronts her. She tells him she has to leave for a while. When she comes back she insists Tetsuo tell and he first tells her that he does not work for a medical company but sex doll company. She is not phased at all by this news but pushes him more and he tells her had a single night affair. She then admits the same...she was so very lonely. We next see her come into their apartment and lay divorce paper on the table for him. He is flabbergasted. He tells her that it was all his fault, he wasted so much time, but she appears unphased. Tetsuo later learns that she has cancer. He arrives at her hospital room where he learns that she has stomach cancer and will lose ¾ of her stomach, but also cannot have children and she wants him to have a chance to have children. He tells her he did not marry her because he wanted to have children.

After this they are having a very supportive and loving relationship, but then learn that the cancer has spread and she only has a short time to live. They make the most of the time. Tetsuo can now discus with Sonoko his work, and he tells her he is having real problems with the new sex doll hole--she tells him that he can use her as a model. They do show a scene of him starting to draw her, and her embarrassment. Think that the last sex scene is where she dies in the enjoys an orgasm.

After her death, he continues working on the new doll using Sonoko as a model. You can tell how much of his soul, his love, he is putting into the doll. The people at the company are committed to supporting him in the effort. The boss tells Tetsuo that they will name the new doll Sonoko, and Tetsuo asks it be in all caps. It will be a special edition with a limited run of 100 dolls. They sell out very quickly, and becomes a legend.

There is a scene where the doll in on the floor, and soon it is Sonoko-the doll is the real Sonoko. They are being affectionate, but then she is a doll again. There is also a scene of him paging through all the pictures he drew of him.

The last scene he is on the beach and think of her. He thinks how people said she was perfect in every way and too good for him and he agrees. Then there then there is something that only he knows...nice and horny. With his shyness she was so good for him because she would take the initiative.

Reviewed by mimuxiku5 / 10

A women-centred, Japanese chick-flick.

Two co-workers and employees are in need of a model to conduct business and deliver the goods that are needed for health and welfare reasons. They work and almost live in the large, old warehouse turned over to a factory with a few mostly older employees. Although men may be customers it is the women who make the final calls and give them models and bodies needed to remain solvent.

One day comes an al-mond eyed model who needs the cash. She is all about the money and doesn't really care what they do. She doesn't even ask. So when they offer cash to touch her tits for sizing purposes she is more than happy to. While they squeeze the twins love is transmitted and the two younger ones fall for each other and soon are a couple. They meet and meet and eventually move in together as husband and wife. But she acts on impulse and betrays him, lies to him and the director tells us all women are like that as there is another woman sleeping with a married man... that is, until he starts to actually be interested in her and she does the standard 'I am not interested in you and we have to stop routine'

It's all very feel-good then feel-bad then feel-good: I mean cheating is fun and the woman is thin (no ink or cellulite) but she is a cheater after all. Until she drops some important news on him!

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