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Royal Shakespeare Company: Richard II



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David Tennant Photo
David Tennant as Richard II
Gracy Goldman Photo
Gracy Goldman as Ladies-in-Wating
Jane Lapotaire Photo
Jane Lapotaire as Duchess of Gloucester
Sean Chapman Photo
Sean Chapman as Earl of Northumberland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

"I wasted time, and now doth time waste me"

Although 'Richard II' may not be my favourite Shakespeare play, it does deserve to be performed a lot more. It's thematically fascinating, especially from a political standpoint, has great characterisation (especially the titular character and Bolingbroke) and while some may find the verse heavy dialogue too rambling it's still distinctive Shakespeare. It has been performed well many times and of the filmed adaptations 'The Hollow Crown' version is particularly stunning.

So is this 2013 Royal Shakespeare Company production, every bit as brilliant in its own way, with a great cast at the top of their game and in a production that's intriguing, entertaining and accessible. Of the filmed productions from the company of Shakespeare's plays in the past fifteen years or so, this production of 'Richard II' is one of the standouts and is proof of why 'Richard II' deserves more recognition (regardless of how it compares to his other work, which is actually not unfavourably).

Visually, 'Richard II' is very well done. The period costumes are very elegant, as is all the not too elaborate production design. There is back projection but it never looks cheap and is tastefully used, not done in a gimmicky way or in a way that distracts. The lighting is very atmospheric and the quality of the video directing makes one feel that they're there. Really liked the music (having a choral background the style appealed to me immensely),how well it fitted and how it was used. It was not over-used and didn't over-explain or over-emphasise, nor did it again feel like a gimmick.

Have no qualms with Shakespeare's dialogue, personally have never found it rambling and the wide range of emotions and intrigue still remain. It may alienate those not familiar with it beforehand, but with more familiarity of the play it shouldn't be as alienating. The staging is always done in good taste, no pointless or perplexing touches, and is always compelling. A great job is done making the drama coherent and in a way that would appeal to modern audiences without resorting to any dumbing down. The interaction between Richard and Bolingbroke is particularly well done.

David Tennant is mesmerising in the title role and to me it's one of his better performances for the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is especially good in the Westminster deposition scene, and there are even little things throughout that makes one go weak at the knees (i.e. the piercing stare given to Mowbray). Also spot on is Nigel Lindsay's dangerous but also oddly likeable Bolingbroke, that sounds oxymoronic but it's a complex character performed with complexity.

Oliver Ford Davies is amusing and moving as York and Michael Pennington's rage and grief is performed beautifully with intensity and pathos. Jane Lapotaire truly haunts and moves in her crucial scene.

Altogether, wonderful production. 10/10

Reviewed by dionehowe958 / 10

An excellent adaptation

As a admirer of David Tennant's work, I went to go and see this production in Stratford upon Avon's RSC twice. Both times, it is safe to say that this adaptation of Richard II is unfailingly amazing! The performance of David Tennant as well as his fellow cast mates must be applauded for its consistency across its run at the RSC in Stratford. In addition, the casting for Bolingbroke was spot on as he appeared both likable and despicable according to his interaction with Richard. It may be because of my love for David Tennant's acting but I sympathised heavily with his version of Richard II, like no other I have seen. The use of the stage and the lighting to go with it was remarkable and really set the scene for the mood of the scene. The choir singers used throughout the production were also amazing and really added to the production This play will shortly move to London at the Barbican Theatre and is to my knowledge sold out which just goes to show how popular Tennant's performances in theatre are. An outstanding performance which could easily rival Tennant's other performances at the RSC.

Reviewed by ANeary10 / 10

Like being there

I was lucky enough to see this at the theatre in Stratford, and took the opportunity to see it in my local cinema when it was transmitted live a couple of weeks later.

It was surprisingly like being there for real, while at the same time, being able to see things you wouldn't be able to see when seated in the theatre. The quality of filming & direction was excellent, much higher than I have seen in other filmed live performances.

Greg Doran keeps the work in period (as opposed the modern dress Hamlet). The RSC still reigns supreme for Shakespeare (as well it should) and the verse is well-spoken. Tennant is charismatic as usual; Jane Lapotaire astonishing in her pivotal scene.

Highly recommended.

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