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Rye Lane


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Munya Chawawa Photo
Munya Chawawa as Restaurant Crooner
Gary Beadle Photo
Gary Beadle as Peter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chris_rowe-881-1688201 / 10

Utter yawn fest

I can't lie I love these kinda movies but this film was mind numbingly boring. The girl was somewhat amusing but the rest of the cast were characters we'd seen in the early 2000s, this felt like anuvahood meeting love actually, it was just bland, forgettable and frankly a bit pointless.

The plot was really non existent, it felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be or what it wanted to say but it was just nowhere near the level of what a cinema release should be. All set over one unrealistic and eventful and highlighting emotional immaturity and a lack of general maturity between people who should be far more than how they acted.

Hard pass. Boring. Soulless.

Reviewed by Pjtaylor-96-1380448 / 10

Love in London.

'Rye Lane (2023)' feels fresh because of its unique energy and flavour, offering a distinct spin on its well-worn genre by way of directorial flourish and writing prowess. It's this that allows the piece to rise above its familiar plotting and uncomfortably conventional finale. The believably sweet central relationship is strong enough to carry the narrative, primarily due to the witty screenplay and sturdy performances, but it's the extra bits of seasoning sprinkled throughout that really mark it as something special. There's a larger world at play here, one built on background detail and vignette-like side stories, and this grounds the core story in a satisfyingly quirky way. The bright cinematography renders the urban setting with genuine love and the visualised stories with Giallo-like vibrancy. The bouncy editing elevates the quick-witted, ever-so-slightly absurdist humour and is a joy to watch throughout. That's true of the entire affair, really: it's a joy to watch. It's always fun, often funny and rarely misses a bit. It's a sweet romantic comedy that does everything it needs to and more.

Reviewed by nowishop10 / 10

A very enjoyable film.

This is a really good and enjoyable film. Nothing nasty.

We saw it in an advance screening, just some 10 or so numbers watching it.

Boy and girl have both broke up from their partner's and this is the tale of a day in each others company. And possibly more.

I will describe it as a beautiful romance in the making.

We learn about their respective break ups and their ex partners too.

A wonderful walk around Peckham, Brixton and the surrounding areas.

I didn't know that Colin Firth sold kebabs.

Watch out for all the characters apart from the lead actors, they add so much love to the film.

I could watch it again to be honest.

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