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Scream of the Wolf



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder8 / 10

A genuinely solid genre effort with a couple of detriments

Shooting a new horror film, the cast and crew on the shoot working overtime to finish the feature suddenly start finding themselves disappearing at the hands of a mysterious beast that the locals fear has returned forcing them to band together and find a way to stop the creature's rampage.

There's quite a lot to like with this one. One of the better elements of this one is the rather fun time on the movie set that constitutes a large portion of the film's opening segments. Filled with a lot of the trials and tribulations of working on a low-budget film shoot, with grueling hours, unreasonable actors who think they're above the kind of roles they're performing, improper funding to pay for better props, and tyrannical producers forcing them to stay through the night to complete their work, the material here displaying this comes off incredibly well. Giving us a shot of the characters in the confines of their job on-set which plays a lot into the interactions featured here, this is a solid enough time that gets the film off to a strong start. On top of that, the actual attacks that transpire here are generally enjoyable providing quite a lot to like. With the first encounter here taking out the late arrivals walking through the woods to the shoot location striking a fantastic idea of what to expect, the later attacks on the crew include some strikingly fun setpieces of the beast attacking clueless disbelievers until they become aware of the situation much too late to do anything about it. With the finale coming in with a fantastic piece of stalking throughout the grounds of the house and in the surrounding woods which all come off rather strongly, this lets up get some great action fueled by some solid kills and a fantastic design on the creature that is quite impressive. Overall, there's a lot to like here with these aspects. There are some big issues holding this one down. One of the biggest drawbacks to this one is the rather out-of-touch comical musings that take place here which aren't funny or enjoyable. This is mostly prevalent in the second half where their light-hearted approach to the concept of the crew dying in front of them and not reacting at all to what's going on where it comes off with a decided indifference that doesn't match the intensity of the sequence. Instead, this gives a blithe remark about it and the decision is made to carry on like nothing happened which is a rather underwhelming feature here. As well, there are also the low-budget origins that crop up from time to time that gives themselves away at points where it's not necessary, especially the ending twist that could've had more done to it, which are the main issues.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Reviewed by jockbartlett-409353 / 10

British film industry.. LOL

Funny because it's so bad, full of Emmerdale Farm characters(which did made me chuckle) possibly an attempt at parody that really does fail! I blame over a decade of Tory rule and all the funding cut from the arts, along with everything else that made this country slightly bearable! Apparently my review for what it is, is too short, all I can say is don't watch this. It's a brave attempt, though of what I'm not sure! Lots of respect to all the cast & crew of this awful waste of time, I hope they got paid because us poor Brits need a bit of cash in between visits to the food bank!. .. Epic fail!!!

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen4 / 10

Just too generic...

Having just sat through the 2022 horror movie "Wolf Manor", I must admit that I wasn't particularly impressed. But then again, I hadn't heard anything about the movie, and based on the cover alone, then "Wolf Manor" seemed like a low budget werewolf movie.

Writers Joel Ferrari and Pete Wild didn't exactly conjure up the most riveting and thrilling of storylines for the movie. Sure, it was watchable, but it was ultimately just way too generic. But then again, maybe some of the diehard werewolf fans out there will get a kick out of watching "Wolf Manor".

The acting performances in "Wolf Manor" were fair enough. I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble, but the actors and actresses put on adequate enough performances given the contents of the script and character gallery they had to work with.

There were some very, very nice references and homages to the classic werewolf movie "An American Werewolf in London", and those scenes actually are well-worth sitting down and watching.

Visually then "Wolf Manor" was okay. The severed limbs, the wounds and injuries and such looked quite good and definitely worked well in favor of the movie. But with "Wolf Manor" being a werewolf movie, then you can't get past the fact that the werewolf in the movie looks like something purchased from a Halloween store. It was difficult to take that particular werewolf serious when it was on the screen.

"Wolf Manor" came and went without leaving a ripple on the horror pond. The movie snuck in unseen and unheard under the radar, and it will just as quietly and unseen vanish back into the mists of oblivion, never to be brought out and watched for a second time.

My rating of Dominic Brunt's 2022 movie "Wolf Manor" lands on a very generous four out of ten stars.

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