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Screened In



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Are You Screened In?

'Screened In' is a great movie for anyone living in these times with advancing technology. The release date is perfectly timed, especially during the Pandemic. The story is relevant and expresses relatable experiences. It shows that we should not let our devices get the best of us; even if we use it for non-recreational purposes such as employment and for educational purposes.

The story is compelling and very relatable to anyone dealing with an addiction. The characters are very convincing and an excellent representation of how people can be in everyday life. They also show how an addiction not only affects the individual with the addiction, but also others around them.

I love the fact that the writer shows that there is a problem that needs to be fixed and that getting rid of one addiction might lead to another. It is also apparent that we cannot do things in our own strength, but we need self-control-which comes from God alone. From a Christian perspective, one can see that they need help from God to overcome his or her addiction. Also, from a secular perspective, one can recognize that there is a problem and that he or she should seek help from credible and reliable professional sources.

I love the Christian element of it. It shows us that God is merciful even when we don't deserve His mercy. It teaches us to use our devices to glorify Him instead of using them to participate in cyber-bullying and using the internet for immodest and inappropriate means.

It is also eye-opening, because it shows the dangers of devices in someone's life. This is a perfect movie for teens and adults with an addiction. It is a wholesome and beneficial film. I would absolutely recommend this for anyone with an addiction.

The take-away is to use our devices for godly purposes, such as spreading the Gospel and shining His light on a dark world instead of using it as a tool for the devil to cause pain in someone's life.

Please do not get screened in and, find your why. If you can't find your why, pray and seek the Lord for we have been called to be the light for this world that is so full of darkness.

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