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Secret Agent


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ron Oliver10 / 10

"Fighting A Never Ending Battle For Truth & Justice"


A pretty, blonde SECRET AGENT has the paperwork to prove the guilt of an evil group of Nazi saboteurs. On the run, with her life in terrible danger, only Superman can help her now...

This was another in the series of excellent cartoons initially created by Max Fleischer for Paramount Studio. They feature great animation and taut, fast-moving plots. Meant to be shown in movie theaters, they are miles ahead of their Saturday Morning counterparts. Bud Collyer is the voice of Superman; Lois Lane does not appear in this story.

Reviewed by planktonrules5 / 10

A rather strange final Superman cartoon.

This is the final Superman cartoon from the Fleischer Brothers. It does seem odd that this extremely patriotic and propaganda-infused cartoon series would end mid-WWII. Perhaps they just weren't very popular. Or, perhaps the animators were needed for government work. Sadly, being the last, it's also among the least of the films in the series. Part of it is because Clark/Superman only utters one line! The film begins with Clark Kent on the phone. His boss insists he cover some boring event and Clark weakly protests with his only line. Suddenly, cars come crashing by--chasing another car and firing at it repeatedly. Clark jumps onto the back of the vehicle giving chase and follows them to their headquarters.

The lady in the other car escapes and soon you see her at police headquarters explaining that she needs help getting to Washington because she has a list of enemy spies in America. On the way, not surprisingly, they are attacked and this spunky lady escapes yet again. However, she is in serious danger so Clark somehow instinctively knows when and where to appear to save the day. Just how DID he know that?! The lack of dialog make this one strange as did one weird piece of dialog. When the lady leaves her car early in the cartoon, she explains to no one nearby that she needs to get to the police with the list. Just who is she talking to?! Overall, this one just seemed odd and a bit rushed compared to the average Superman short of the era.

Reviewed by preppy-36 / 10

The last 1940s Superman cartoon

A beautiful blonde (who is never named) is running away from some men who are shooting at her. Clark Kent intervenes and is knocked out, captured and tied up by the men. It seems the woman is a secret agent--she has a list of saboteurs and their evil plans. She must get the list to Washington. The police try to escort her but they are also attacked by the saboteurs. The woman escapes but becomes trapped on a bridge about to be crushed. Will Superman find out and save her?

This is barely a Superman cartoon. Lois Lane is nowhere to be found (but that blonde sounds a LOT like her). It plays more like a WWII drama with plenty of violent shootouts (I was really surprised to see a cop shot down out of his motorcycle) and action. Superman only pops up at the last few minutes to save the day. But the action more than makes up for his absence. Pretty good. A 6.

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