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Shirin in Love


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled50%
IMDb Rating5.010843

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Nazanin Boniadi Photo
Nazanin Boniadi as Shirin
Amy Madigan Photo
Amy Madigan as Rachel
Riley Smith Photo
Riley Smith as William
George Wallace Photo
George Wallace as Officer Henderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dominic-m-730-39960010 / 10

I was very pleasantly surprised!!

I totally disagree with the Dr and the other reviewer who gave very scathing reviews of this wonderful film. Coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about the Iranian culture, I enjoyed learning a few things about the culture. I thought the acting was actually great because it wasn't over the top or overstated. It was very natural, and I thought the performance by Amy Madigan was fantastic. The two leads were also fantastic, especially Riley Smith. It was a film that made me laugh, made me cry, and ticked all the boxes of a rom com/chick flick and this coming from a guy. Congrats to the producers and director of this film for bringing out the best in the actors and the settings. Also congrats to the cinematographer Garrett Shannon who shot some fantastic scenes, especially those beautiful shots in Northern California. If anyone knows where exactly this is in north California I'd love to know. Cheers to all cast and crew for a FANTASTIC movie. You should be proud!

Reviewed by cliff3142 / 10

A wasted opportunity

We had recently seen, and enjoyed, "Appropriate Behavior", a movie also featuring the Persian community in the USA, so we thought we would give Shirin a look. The one star review from Dr Farhad Javidi was scathing, but I thought maybe he was just being too critical as you can be with movies purporting to involve your own culture. Other reviews were seriously glowing. And we enjoy rom-coms, so let's go!

Well let me say, having just re-read Dr Javidi's review, that he was spot on. This is not a good movie. The script is poor, even inane. The titular Shirin is certainly attractive, highly educated and a capable writer, but inexplicably stupid. The apparently difficult, reclusive and cantankerous author Shirin goes to interview is warm generous and welcoming. Yes, we learn why she is not what we think but it is ridiculous. Shirin virtually moves in for several days (?) and they talk like old friends.

The editing is strange too - jumping from one thing to another with scenes that are disconnected and too short. There is no proper logic to the narrative, and even the most willing suspension of disbelief will not convince you that the story has any legitimacy at all. The "romantic" walking and kissing scenes against beautiful backdrops and with sickly sweet music would not be out of place in Bold and Beautiful. Good grief!

On the plus side (and hence 2 stars) the northern California coastline is spectacular, and some of the actors are half decent even as they deliver terribly under developed dialogue.

This is very low grade stuff - Dr Javidi, I am sorry I ever doubted you.

Reviewed by javidi-245-7652071 / 10

A disaster in Persian cinema :(

With a cast that includes Maz Jobrani, Max Amini, Marshall Manesh and Anita Khalatbari, I was expecting a Persian comedy, but the film "Shirin in Love" is, in fact, a romantic movie - a "chick flick" even. While the film's location, costumes and props were fine, its writing, directing and editing were terrible. The porno-style filming, soap opera-style acting, nonsensical still shots, disconnected scenes, stereotypical characters, weak plot and cheap humor are just a few of the film's shortcomings. The film's one bright spot is Nazanin Boniadi, who portrays Shirin. Even in a bad film you can spot a shining star. She certainly has a bright future. I don't understand why she decided to appear in this film, given her well-established career with feature roles in "Homeland," "Grey's Anatomy," and "How I Met Your Mother." The film did little to enhance the reputations of Maz Jobrani and Max Amini, and may even have hurt them.

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