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Reviewed by preppy-39 / 10

One of the best Superman cartoons

Someone disguised as Superman is committing robberies all over Metropolis. He's doing it under orders from The Boss (that's all he's ever called--and he sounds like Orson Welles!). Immediately the police start searching for Superman. One night Lois Lane and Clark Kent are covering the opera. The fake Superman decides to rob the patrons there that night. Lois scares him off---but Clark decides to meet him face to face and get to the bottom of this.

This has to be one of the quickest-moving Superman cartoons I've ever seen. It moves like lightning and (for once) Lois is NOT captured or put in danger. I do love how she casually jumps into the police car (in her beautiful new dress) to join them as they go after the villain. It's never explained how they KNOW where The Boss is though. Who cares? This is fun, fast and beautifully animated. A definite 9.

Reviewed by tavm5 / 10

Showdown was a slightly different Superman cartoon in the way the plot works out

This is the second Superman cartoon made by the Famous Studios which was an outgrowth of the original Max Fleischer Studios after the ouster by Paramount of him and brother Dave. Being the eleventh overall, this animated short is interesting in that the villain is...Supes himself? Actually, it's someone dressed as him that's doing all the stealing of jewels for his boss. When Lois and Clark are assigned to review an opera, that not-too-convincing-Superman-doppelganger shows up to get more bling. Wanna guess who also shows up? Well, I won't tell but I'm sure you already know. Anyway, this short is unique as for once, Lois doesn't get captured and the robbers aren't anyone wanting to destroy or conquer the world. But that also makes this a little less exciting. Still, Showdown is worth a look for that slight difference in Superman plots.

Reviewed by utgard148 / 10

Superman's Impostor

I love the Fleischer Superman cartoons. The animation is smooth and fluid with vivid colors. The distinct art-deco style, vintage science fiction imagery, and use of noirish shadows gave them a look unlike any other cartoons. The music and voice work is superb. They're fun, accessible, enduring animation classics. While this is a cartoon from Fleischer Studios' successor, Famous Studios, it still tries to maintain the Fleischer style.

In the eleventh in the series, someone disguised as Superman is committing crimes all over Metropolis. Lois and Clark are assigned to cover the opera and, while there, Lois has a run-in with the impostor. Clark wastes no time changing into his red & blues and confronting the fake. Impostor Superman leads the real Supes to his boss, who won't be taken easily. The second Superman short from Famous is their best and one of the most different in the whole series. It's the closest any of the shorts come to being a comedy. The fake Superman is very funny. An interesting note is that Jack Mercer and Jackson Beck, who voice the fake Superman and his boss respectively, also did the voices of Popeye and Bluto in Popeye cartoons.

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