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Sinbad and the War of the Furies


Action / Adventure

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John Hennigan as Sinbad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird1 / 10

A far from furious war

Did not watch 'Sinbad and the War of the Furies' with high expectations. The premise itself was just ridiculous and it looked horrid. Saw it however out of curiosity, as part of my low-budget film quest (yes, have got a good deal of quests going on, some of them completest ones) and especially because Sinbad is a great character.

A character that deserved an infinitely better film than 'Sinbad and the War of Furies'. It really does him an injustice and manages to be even worse than it looked and even more of a mess than indicated in the premise. That it is not a waste of a good concept film made me less annoyed than some other films seen recently. My annoyance though is aimed at how poorly done in every single way 'Sinbad and the War of the Furies' is.

There is nothing good going on here. The acting lacks any kind of passion or emotion, even skill. No exceptions here, even the titular character who actually is one of the worst examples.

'Sinbad and the War of the Furies' uncharismatic, wimpy and annoying character writing and writing that is far too excessively ridiculous to be guilty pleasure cheese and too awkward and dull to be tongue in cheek works against them. As well as non-existent direction.

Direction that fails to convey any urgency, tension, fun, suspense or emotion in the numerous scenes that need them. The action scenes are the complete anti-thesis of exciting, are poorly filmed and looks so awkward in the choreography. The whole story is just lifeless, completely fails to make any sense at all and on the wrong side of daft that it's insultingly ridiculous.

Visually, 'Sinbad and the War of the Furies' looks cheap as sin, with an overuse of truly risible special effects that never gels with the setting or looks real, dizzying camera work and editing and shoe-string budget production and costume design. Faring least bad is the music, which at least tries to appeal to the ear and give a little urgency, not a compliment sadly because one doesn't remember it and it's often not placed that well.

Overall, far from furious and as the opposite of good as one can get. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca2 / 10


SINBAD AND THE WAR OF THE FURIES is another budget 'Arabian Adventure' style movie from The Asylum, a film made without much hope, budget, or originality. Once more the Sinbad story has been updated to the modern day to cut down on costs, but what transpires is your usual globetrotting adventure with our hero and his allies battling various mythological foes for supremacy. It's a tired outing, made without energy, and saddled with one of the dullest leads I can remember seeing in a film. The Asylum will need to do a lot better than this if they want to entertain their audiences.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo5 / 10

It wasn't called Mexico back then

Sinbad (John Hennigan) is a modern day film. He is like Indiana Jones making myths into history. His theory was that Perseus was real and stole the treasure of Zeus and hid it in a cave in Mexico. He explains it all in non-sequitur logic by saying, "It wasn't called Mexico back then." Yup, that clears it all up for me. He was upset that a man stole his idea and published it so he could have tenure. Once you can get past this, and I can't, he was also dating his daughter Jax (Jamie Bernadette). Sinbad is also the direct descendant of the "real" Sinbad and has his sword. None of this is unusual for Asylum films.

In said Mexican cave, Sinbad finds treasure and attacks the other guys there who have Russian accents. One guy, Cy, short for Cyclops (Derek Russo) has an eye patch. Nick (Terrance Richardson) the black guy, was called Simian early on. Sinbad finds an emerald, the "Heart of Medusa" and absconds with it, unlocking the Furies who want it back. In mythology they were sisters, in this story they don't look anything like sisters and also have some Siren powers, go figure.

Like I said, this is Asylum. The impossible plot is made inane by design. I though the actual dialogue lines were good, but the delivery was far too bad to be effective. John Hennigan is not Brendan Fraser. Jamie Bernadette is no Rachel Weisz. They should not be making films.

The film is for a tween audience, I suppose. There are no F-words, sex, or nudity. There is one obscene gesture. Manta (Josh Fingerhut) is gay and complains the Fury has no penis when she tries to seduce him. File under: Asylum, "so bad it's good" category.

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