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Small Town Hero


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by weirdie545 / 10

Not that bad

Nevermind the 10/10 reviews, obviously this is not a masterpiece, but still an enjoyable vigilante movie that gives some food for thought. A lot of us could relate to the protagonist frustrated by a variety of society's problems and determined to make his neighborhood a better and safer place, but after a while - when he, still driven by good intentions - becomes more and more a witch-hunting paranoid fascist, the same old questions arise, like where is the edge between being a responisble citizen and using the good cause to justify violence. The acting is not exaclty Oscar-worthy, but come on, it wasn't that terrible either. If you're into vigilante exploitation movies, give this one a try.

Reviewed by roelvbreukelen3 / 10

Budget movie by an practically unknown writer/director.

I suspect few people have seen it, if they did they didn't bother writing any (positive) reviews. Anything under an eight could've been understandable if they like these level/kind of movies. But 10's and 9's, that's just beyond reality.

As for my review: The acting was ok, the camera work was decent enough. However the plot and characters just felt shallow, they were just to 2D, if they were fleshed out a bit more maybe viewers could relate or at least be invested in them. It's the kind of movie you might watch if there's nothing else on TV, but then again, you might want to just turn it off and read a book or something.

Reviewed by acowdontmakeham2 / 10


If you are used to watching proper movies you might not want to bother with this.

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