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Smoking Causes Coughing

2022 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled50%
IMDb Rating6.8101033

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

Top cast

Vincent Lacoste Photo
Vincent Lacoste as Méthanol
Jean-Pascal Zadi Photo
Jean-Pascal Zadi as Mercure
Gilles Lellouche Photo
Gilles Lellouche as Benzène
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AvionPrince164 / 10

I cant get it why this movie?

Big disappointment! That movie is so weird in a bad way. I mean they try to make something arround the cigarettes, the prevention and stuff but really cant get it: why this? This is a group of superheroes who get some few moments together before take again the work but really the things with the Scary, terrifying stories was not really interesting or relevant or make us understand more the story. So we had almost 30 minutes of story who really feel off topic almost the time and we saw some othet actors who are pretty meaningless in the script or in the subject of the movie. I laughed sometimes with the girl who is a virgin and she wants to have sex with the boss and i liked also how she changed in the movie but thats really all. A few sex jokes about the robot, the boss and some girls who become dirty but thats all. Nothing meaningfull or something interesting. I enjoyed the costumes design and the visual effects sometimes but really just take the movie for a comedy movie nothing more nothing less. Disappointing.

Reviewed by gelukkiger-307709 / 10

Movie for creative and philosophical minds

Quentin Dupieux creative mind works with (t)his movie. He delivers like he did with the movie wrong cops, hilarious and something to think about.

I am a fan of his movies, that has it all.

The movie makes you wonder, relativize and think about human philosophical themes.

Also makes you laugh at some scenes how silly and contradictional people are.

Baracuda, robot, hat, love, social bonding, rat, fear and smoking.

Do not read what the movie is about and experience it yourself like something new without knowing in life.

Just as life you do not need many words in the movie to explain it but experience it.

Reviewed by bluevelvet0021 / 10

Smoking Also Causes Vision and Hearing Loss Too

If you want a movie that is weird to the point where you're wishing you were reading a 700-paged Bertrand Russell (he was a philosopher , mathematician, and SMOKER) book instead-then put this film in front of you. Otherwise, I find the film's supposed hilarity, that so many viewers think it definitely possesses, about as brilliant as a dog's critique of The Great Gatsby.

How are people finding this film a good way to pass the time?

How are reviewers enjoying even five minutes of such detritus? They give this gory and unfunny piece of "art" the time of day?

I tried to give Smoking Causes Coughing a chance, despite the maddening weakness enveloping the whole thing.

However, I walked out of the movie theater following about an hour and ten minutes of viewing. I'm surprised I sat in front of it as long as I did.


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