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Sniadanie do lózka

2010 [POLISH]


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Piotr Adamczyk as Konrad
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Movie Reviews

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Reviewed by IPP201710 / 10

Light, romantic comedy, that will cheer you up.

I loved it. Very light and funny romantic comedy about how life can mess up. But.... this is not the end of the world. You can turn it around and get better job, find your love and start sth on your own if you do not give up, are willing to compromise and fight for what is worth.

Yes, it is not a deep psychological movie about relationships etc., but do you really expect that from a comedy that suppose to cheer you up? The story flows nicely and I had no feeling that it is boring or too long.

It is not as predictable as some might think. Actually, until the last moment, I was not sure how it would end.

I liked that there were not cheap gigs and vulgarism so popular in many comedies.

Tomasz Karolak and Magorzata Socha were great. You can see there was chemistry between the characters they played.

So... I have faith in Polish film industry.

Reviewed by brzostek3 / 10

Sniadanie do lozka made me loose faith in the Polish film industry

Sniadanie do lozka made me loose faith in the Polish film industry and really question the direction it is heading. For years now I have been hearing from people that live in Poland that new Polish films are senseless and are getting to the point that they are not worth watching. Watching flub after dud, I can no longer disagree with where this sentiment came from.

Being a romantic comedy should not mean that the entire story is predictable, but unfortunately it does. It is impossible for me to give away the story, because the film does that much better than I ever could. From the first minute of the film where the main character drivers his scooter past a girl on a bicycle, you know the romance will be between them. She puts up a little resistance to him at first, as we would expect, but doesn't stand firm too long. The entire movie is undistinguished and mindless entertainment. By the end of the film I wasn't able to recall a single character's name, as they were all as unmemorable as the story.

Is it possible for some people to like this movie? Yes, I am sure some people can be mildly amused with the story, but I doubt anyone will truly think this movie is really good. The commercialism in it is really apparent - with the Bosch appliances and LOT Polish Airlines both getting a good advertisement out of it. Don't get me wrong, I like both of these companies a lot, but even someone in the audience with me made a wisecrack of what a commercial this movie is.

I used to consider Piotr Adamczyk to be one of the most talented actors in Polish film. Considering this is the third mediocre movie in a row that I watched with Adamczyk, I have realized that I can no longer expect a movie to be good just because he is in it. I will equally remember that Krzysztof Lang directed Sniadanie do lozka, but for all the wrong reasons.

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