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So My Grandma's a Lesbian!

2019 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy

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Mónica López as Natasha
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Pol Monen as Said
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Maria Caballero as Salima
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by athinagk3 / 10

Confusing and surprisingly (disappointingly) straight

My girlfriend and I had been wanting to watch this movie for some time, since we're lesbians that love representation, so we were very excited. We ended up severely disappointed.

So many plot holes. Sub-plots that made no sense, nor contributed anything. Characters that were pointless. Drama that happened out of nowhere and was resolved just as fast, without any sort of explanation.

The only thing we liked were the lesbian grandmas, who ended up being side-characters in their own movie, which ended up focusing on selfish and messy characters. Very disappointing.

Reviewed by wisewebwoman5 / 10

Scenery is beautiful

And most of the cast convincing apart from the one who played Celia, a grotesque performance, way over the top.

Also the main character, a lawyer is utterly wrong for the role and her evolution as a more caring person never believable.

That and along with the son of one of the main characters who goes through a transformative evolution at the speed of a bullet.

Too much slapstick and faux snobbery and a couple of other characters (the supposedly gay grandson marries a Muslim woman?) as filler with no purpose, much shouty bits and slapstick add up to an over the top movie which should have been a whole pile better.

The dialogue races and with subtitles it's hard to follow but overall not missing much.

I'd like more movies about old women but this would never be part of my collection. 5/10

Reviewed by pedrototoro9 / 10

A caricature of insincerity vs true acceptance

I watched this movie yesterday and I really liked it. I don't think it was made to be realistic, instead I saw it like a caricature of us, humans. We crave for safety and order, but we also crave for love and acceptance. These things are often at odds, because each of us is a well of creativity and unpredictability. When we try to have a very orderly, predictable life we often need to lie, to others and ourselves.

I don't think this movie is a about sexual chemistry and things like that. I think it's about love and acceptance. It's about true stability, not about being able to predict how the future will be like, but the ability to know that some people will not abandon us, even when we make terrible mistakes. Instead, they'll try to understand. That's true security. I think this movie is about the most important topic of all: to be true to oneself. And it treats the subject in a light manner. Not a perfect movie, but I liked watching it!

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