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Sophie's Rules


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Veronika12128 / 10

Feel Good Film

Impressed that directors Maritza Brikisak & Christina Tsialtas were able to make a indie film on their budget, kudos! Story is pivotal around Ms. Sophie-Maritza Brikisak , who brought together people in need. The need filled care and hope in her home that helped many lives with a short insight of their stories. Her son Bobby & her protector Blue, her support system . Unusual drop in Alice, snuck in by Amber & her unwilling accomplice Maud. Huevo & magic man although pained contribute in their way. Sophie offering not only a roof over their heads, therapy and what we all need love & care. Lovely film if too short. It teased us with storylines I would like to know more about. Even the bad guys in their unhinged car made me dislike them. Good work on all fronts . Good job by all of you , the dog & cute kid. Incredulous that a feature length film was done well on a tight budget. Kudos again!

Reviewed by Resyvodomsky9 / 10

Life lessons

This film advocates all that stand for in life. I didn't expect to end up cryin at the end of it the way I did. A part of me cried because I wish I had somebody to help me through my ptsd and my alcoholic trembles amd black outs and difficult times when I thought I am alone. Somebody to talk to when I lost everything. I struggle to this day I am 266 days sober. The film showed harsh realities in a hard world. Ups and downs can happen. One day smiling next day down in the dumps. Sophie needs rules that end up broken and keep them. Harsh realities is so many homeless who don't have a chance. Die in the cold no food no roof to sleep under. Beautiful film loss is real.

Reviewed by qhxbfvny9 / 10

Melding of stories well done

Never heard of these Directors or writers, understandable since it's an independent film. Stories were strong ( PTSD felt real) and in some cases heart wrenching; would of liked to know more in the sub plots, there are some unknowns that needed more or not so rushed . Story felt almost docudrama ish, which is why more background on sub plots would have heightened the ending. I appreciate the idea of the homeless shelter, although it felt upscale ish, the idea appealed to me. The actors were believable and well done with they're portrayals. Sophie felt stern yet caring leading the group of past/ current members of her house. Cinematography captured the actors in their vulnerable portrayals and I really enjoyed the outdoor scenes. All in all good work on the collaboration melding a few into one.

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