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2023 [KOREAN]

Drama / Romance

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Woo-Seok Byeon Photo
Woo-Seok Byeon as Jin Woo
Da-mi Kim Photo
Da-mi Kim as Ahn Mi So
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andynzia9 / 10

Beautiful storyline with strong acting

Soulmate delivers the sweetness and pain of friendship. Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee's chemistry makes me feel a strong bond and deep emotions.

The cinematography is very beautiful and warm giving a lot of impression of the good old days in jeju island.

I love the details used in this film such as paintings, earrings, and several other things that really support their story.

The narration is neat with several twists until finally being slapped with a very bitter reality that makes me feel broken, sad, and miss my best friend.

At the end we know why they really deserve to be called "Soulmate".

Reviewed by nicoleoro-0765010 / 10

Every tear was worth it

Soulmate is such a beautiful take on friendship and what it truly means to have a soul mate. I cried a lot watching this movie just because it was so beautiful. Kim Da Mi is a brilliant actress and this role solidifies her ability to take on anything but who stood out for me was Jeon so Nee, her quiet charm, the ease of her gentleness on screen captures the role she plays just too well.

A well-directed movie, the merge between past and present never left you confused and even the cliffhanger parts were played out correctly too, Give it a watch if you've seen "Beaches" or you just want to watch something that will stir you up.

Reviewed by alaningle78 / 10

Thats why everyone's face is different

The soulmates in the title Ahn Mi-so (Kim Da-mi) and Go Ha-eun(Jeon So-nee) who meet at the age of eleven and immediately hit it off. One is outgoing and brash and the other thoughtful and reserved but together they bring each other comfort and strength. All is going well until a boy is added to the mix and they become estranged. The movie follows their lives for sixteen years and no matter how far they drift apart they each have a constant longing for the comfort they have in each others company. It is a very well acted movie and the pacing is slow and thoughtful and draws you into the everlasting friendship of the two leads even though at times it seems broken.

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