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Spirit of Love: The Mike Glenn Story


Family / Sport

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dan-28298 / 10

A film that touches the heart!

Spirit of Love is one of those rare films that goes beyond the art of film making and touches the heart. You can't miss the message that each of us, while appearing different, are really quite the same - we ALL need to be loved, and to show love to one another!

One of the things I loved about the film was how what most view as a physical limitation was viewed as something normal - as opposed to over sensationalizing the topic. The metaphor of sports is great because, as one coach says in the film, "...anyone can play basketball..."

Spirit of Love will give you a new way of viewing those who, on the surface, appear different. And you will be challenged to show love to others in a brand new way.

Reviewed by jkennedy429610 / 10

Best Sports Story for deaf teens

I really enjoyed watching this film last week with a few of my friends at a film festival in Georgia. It was awesome meeting the real person Mike Glenn who use to play in the NBA.I enjoyed it mostly because it reminds me of my life and people telling me that I can't do things but the movie Spirit of Love reminds me that I can do a lot of things. It also has mostly deaf and hard of hearing like me which was awesome. The film is about kids who are not really good at basketball but they get better as they go. They just keep trying and then coach tells them that it doesn't matter if they play basketball or not but that they can do all things because of God and he gives us strength. It is funny and made me laugh. When the guys steal the girls stuff when swimming is funny but when the coach makes them wear bows is so funny. It makes me feel good to know I can try. I liked that it had captions and ASL. It isn't really a lot of deaf culture but it has a lot of good stuff for deaf people because Coach Mike grew up around deaf culture. I liked the movie a lot and so did my friends. I got to watch with my hearing friends so that was cool.

Reviewed by jkelley573310 / 10

Great Movie with ASL and Captions finally for teens!

My pastor brought me to see this movie at a Christian film festival in Houston. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I did. It had characters deaf and hard of hearing like me. Some used ASL and some didn't. Some had aids and some had CI like me. It was very cool to see teens like me. I don't like basketball but I liked this movie because it showed how we as deaf are the same. Best line in movie was coach Robin tells girl that Basketball is the same whether your deaf or not. This is how all people should look at us deaf like we are the same as hearing, cause we are. I thought it was cool that coach Mike knows ASL. I think it is a good lesson when coach Mike gives the bad attitude boy Alexi a second chance and gives him space to figure things out. It was great to see captions on the movie so my friends who are hearing and I could watch together. It is hard with no captions cause I feel dumb when I don't know what is going on. But not with Spirit of Love.I can't wait to see this movie again cause it has something for deaf and hearing. I want to watch again with my friends who didn't get to come. It was great for everyone. It was funny when coach made the boys wear stuff in their hair like girls. Movie shows we are all the same. If we work hard we can do some things we don't get chance to. I liked scene at lake and dance.

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