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Spring Break Nightmare



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Mike Markoff as Dean
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Kristi Murdock as Michelle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sccrfn1 / 10

Head slappingly dumb

I'm not sure which is worse: two kidnappers who have no real reason to do a kidnapping in the first place or the fact that the kidnappee, who is practically a pro athlete, can easily escape from being tied up with ropes but can't manage to run two feet and get away from the bumbling kidnappers. Spoiler alert: at one point, she even jumps into a river to try and get away, but even doing that seems to fails. Apparently, as a surf pro, she can't swim fast enough away from the kidnappers who are themselves not in the river but are on a dingy. Who knew all they had to do is reach down and catch her. She even had a head start on them but their long reach was all they needed. At no point is this an enjoyable movie. But, I can't say I'm surprised given LMN and Lifetime have been lately sacrificing quality for quantity. Nothing is believable about this storyline either. There are just too many excuses: the boyfriend is a gambler, a cheater, a master kidnapper, etc. The mother and the detective are terrible too. What detective would listen to a sketchy phone call from a kidnappee who does a terrible job of pretending not to be kidnapped and not think twice about it? Don't waste your time with this one.

Reviewed by lavatch7 / 10

Tragedy on the Beach

Kayla Miller is on her way to becoming a world-class surfer, having won a contest with some tough competition. But against the advice of her doting mother Michelle, Kayla embarks on a whirlwind spring break with her friends. The experience turns into a disaster.

While walking on the beach after partying in a local bar, Kayla and her best friend Becky are surprised by assailants. Kayla is kidnapped, and Becky is accidentally killed by one of the masked men. The questions that are sustained in the drama are who would want to kidnap Kayla and for what purpose?

The most interesting character is Kayla's mother, a widow for whom her daughter means everything. Michelle moves into action and relentlessly pursues the whereabouts of Kayla. There was also a set interesting secondary characters, including Kayla's chief rival Ally, her boyfriend Nick, her friend Sarah, the ill-fated Becky, and the well-intentioned Detective Fisher, who cannot keep up with the feisty mother.

While the ultimate motivation for Kayla's abduction was far-fetched, there was good suspense, as well as a heartfelt relationship that developed between the mother and her daughter. It is appropriate that the "last surf" belongs to Mom!

Reviewed by samarapatterson1 / 10

Worst LMN movie yet!

Usually I like the corny stuff on LMN but this one is truly horrible. Just when you think it can't be any worse they get you again and again.

Serious question- why can't they find actors who are closer to the age they are supposed to be portraying? These people are way to old to be high schoolers.. no wonder the "bar" gave them alcohol. Haha.

Why did she swim to the back of the boat instead of away from the boat. There's so many why's I lost count. This truly was a waste of my time, so bad that I had to write out this long thing so I can warn you how truly terrible it was. I normally don't waste my time on reviews but this one deserves it.

Save your brain and watch Sharknado instead.

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