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St. Paul


Action / Adventure / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wntuc7 / 10

Aside from pc--its alright

Many writers of the modern Biblical movies take many liberties. In this one it portrayed the Apostles as as very flawed, angry, jealous but the women as pillars of compassion and common sense. In this one I simply became tired of Dinah's role--especially when the Bible does not portray this. Yes I know that incidences have to be written in for drama or effect but I'm not comfortable with attempts to be politically correct by changing the "character" of the characters. I recall a movie of Jesus which had his mother Mary instructing Jesus to be baptized by John the Baptist. I'm sorry but leave PC for the sitcoms and R rated movies.

Reviewed by wynokamoore8 / 10

I enjoyed this movie

I know this movie has a strong fictional basis, however, I have so enjoyed the movie and have watched it many, many times since I purchased it over 2 years ago. I thought the director Roger Young did a beautiful job and I loved the guy who played King Herod, it was truly an excellent cast, especially the actors who played Peter and Paul. I didn't give it a 10 because it wasn't as Biblically based as it should have been. Again, I have watched this movie many times and would recommend it to anyone, it is done so beautifully!!! Even though there are fictional characters that take up a considerable amount of the movie, the basis of this movie is very grounded in the The New Testament, again this is one of my favorite movies!!!

Reviewed by mvike8 / 10

Great for what it is

This movie didn't shy away from trying to be reasonable, what I mean is that it shows how people likely would've responded in the wake of Christ's death on the cross, it doesn't at any point get overly preachy...what I mean in simple don't get the sense in ANY WAY that Ray Comfort or Kirk Cameron were involved in it. The "bad guys" mocked Jesus in more of a 2nd grader way, and it did a decent job to show Paul as Saul. It felt more like a historical movie more than a religious movie, hope that makes sense.

The acting was really good, minus Dinah. But it wasn't the actress fault, it was her character was like a chihuahua.

The movie was fairly long, but I could've gone for it being an extra 30 or so minutes even! I was very intrigued by everyone in it.

Before I end, I do need to say that yes, I'm aware it wasn't totally biblically accurate in EVERY sense, but it's a MOVIE. If you want a word for word bible retelling, there are plenty out there for you.

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