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Star-Crossed Romance


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Aliyah O'Brien as Piper
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Reviewed by boriskaiser3 / 10

Where is romance?

It seems that Reel One Entertainment is fully on single dad train. This one has widower single dad like so many Hallmark TV movies, and there is divorced single mom, too. Like so many other ROE TV movies, this one sadly suffers from various technical issues, too. There is constant background music for at least 2/3 of the movie and its loudness vary from barely tolerable to loud so you can't barely hear dialogue. It just drives you crazy. Location is obviously fake Denver - it was shot somewhere in BC, Canada, and it looks like to me Kelowna like so many other times, and to hide it, they overused stock Denver footage.

Cast was average. I would say A. O'Brien was actually good, but she couldn't save this train wreck. A. Zachar was unconvincing. Both kids were all right. The rest of the cast had stereotipical plays: fake British blonde chick, feminized male drama teacher, bad white old capitalist, black "smarter than you look" female principal, married lesbian, tough black guy... Somebody had some list and they just checked it for its sake.

The main problem of this movie is that it doesn't have any direction. I checked director, and look, she directed "A Love to Remember", another train wreck, and "A Bridesmaid in Love" (this one is at least average). Let me explain.

It starts as mediocre high school comedy which wouldn't be a problem but it was shot in you know what times so in the limited shoting time, school was a ghost town. Literally nobody. Only in the late Act II we see few other kids who are in the play, and finally in the very end of Act III there is actually life in school - parents and teachers at theater play which btw was terrible as is every other modern reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet. At least 2/3 of the movie is light hearted comedy then finally there is some romance but it quickly evaporate into drama, and movie finish as lame comedy just how it started. In short, movie doesn't know what is it.

And as every other ROE TV movie, trailer shows the whole movie so save your valuable time.

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