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Subjects of Desire


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheRepresentationProject10 / 10

Remarkable documentary that unpacks the power of beauty and representation

"Subjects of Desire" is a thought-provoking film that explores how Western beauty standards have shifted to embrace Black women's aesthetics, but not the Black women who originated those aesthetics. The film explores decades of Black representation in the media, linking the cultural treatment of Black women to the dangerous stereotypes we've seen throughout history and today: the mammy, the jezebel, the "angry Black woman", to name a few. "Subjects of Desire" corrects these misrepresentations by centering Black women's voices and experiences as they navigate their lives and their identities in a society that simultaneously undervalues and capitalizes off of them. This is specifically addressed through the interviews with a group of young Black women participating in the Miss Black America Pageant, where they challenge conventional ideas of what being "beautiful" means. Educational and insightful, "Subjects of Desire" skillfully exposes the interconnection between racism and beauty standards in America, and deserves wide viewership.

Reviewed by francespunch10 / 10

A much needed viewpoint.

Thank you for the transparency. I appreciated the critical eye and the kindness offered to the audience. This film provides a cultural and sensitive approach to the mainstreams viewpoint of beauty in the media. There are highlights of how race, beauty and power are intertwined. This documentary offers options that most may have never considered.

Thank you uplifting the natural features of Black women that are now being purchased and held as a higher standard of beauty for White women. The Director, Jennifer Holness, has the courage to expose the dangerous trend in the current society.

Reviewed by Imjustdancin10 / 10

Subjects of Desire

I personally thought it wonderful. I have a wonderful black best friend and she has said in the past "here is my, here is my" and I didn't get it. Now I do. My white, curly, wild hair is what I do everyday, everywhere. Never thought about having it to be different at different venues. Wow! It is educational into different peoples experience of life. How can someone discount that?? Learn people, learn. Don't politicize it folks. Just learn how others experience life! I hate to tell you but someone has ain't the center of the universe. We all are important and we all live together together. Or...die together. I personally welcome all, want to learn about all and love all and HOPE they love me back.

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