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Taxi 2

2000 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Crime

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Marion Cotillard Photo
Marion Cotillard as Lilly Bertineau
Luc Besson Photo
Luc Besson as Boat Owner
Jean-Christophe Bouvet Photo
Jean-Christophe Bouvet as Général Edmond Bertineau
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweekums8 / 10

A silly but hilarious sequel

After an introduction where Marseilles cabbie Daniel drives a pregnant woman to a clinic he goes to meet his girlfriend's father; a strict military man who has been led to believe Daniel is actually a doctor and merely his daughter's friend. Her father is called away but as he leaves his car is hit; it will be up to Daniel to get him to airport to greet the visiting Japanese Secretary of State for Defence. It turns out he is in France to look at various projects including a new car, which is apparently impregnable. A problem with the airbags means the official driver can't demonstrate the vehicle so Daniel is asked to take him for a spin! Meanwhile a group of Yakuza are plotting to kidnap the visiting dignitary… it will be up to Daniel and his policeman friend Emilien to thwart their plans.

This sequel was a laugh-riot from start to finish; the action is delightfully over the top and hilariously silly. We get numerous scenes of Daniel and his taxi racing through the streets at ridiculous speeds and even being parachuted into Paris! There is also the hilarious scenes where Emilien is repeatedly beaten during judo training and a senior police officers attempts to teach his officers a few words of Japanese… not to mention his casual racism.

Samy Naceri does a fine job as Daniel making us believe in the character despite the things he gets involved with. Frédéric Diefenthal also impresses as his friend Emilien, especially in the scenes between his character and Petra, a fellow police officer. Marion Cotillard does a good job as Daniel's girlfriend, Lilly, but is sadly rather underused. Overall I heartily recommend this to anybody wanting a really good laugh; it may not be realistic but it is hilarious.

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Amusing and spectacular sequel with breathtaking stunt work

This entertaining movie contains lots of fun, action, laughters and impressive races . The film is developed in Marseille where again we find the sympathetic young named Daniel, (Sami Naceri) driving a spectacular taxi . The foul-mouthed cabbie join forces with the bungler inspector named Emilien(Frederic Diefenthal). Daniel is the fastest Cabman with an attractive fiancée(Marion Cotillard),while Emilian goes after a gorgeous Inspector woman(Emma Sjoberg) and commanded by chief Commissaire(Bernard Farcey). The police Inspector is a complete inept behind the car and Daniel helps him to investigate the kidnapping a Japanase high authority and his love interest ,Inspector Sjoberg. When Daniel has problems , then he's forced to collaborate with Emilien. They pursue a gang of Japanese who attempt to kidnap the Minister of Defense and when they are on the heels of the band , the crooks drive a speed demon pursued by the taxi in a fast and furious race . This is an action-comedy film , chronicling the relationship between the narrow-minded cabdriver and the botcher cop ,among others amusing happenings.

The motion picture mingles noisy action , car pursuits, humor with tongue in cheek, shootouts, rip roaring and lots of amusement. From the beginning to the end the action packed is fast moving, provides fast and furious entertainment with overwhelming scenes. Displays nonstop action and is extremely bemusing and hilarious. There are chases galore in breathtaking velocity and with impressive finale race cars, filmed by magnificent stunts and excellent visual effects. Colorful cinematography and appropriate musical score fitting to action by Khemya. The picture is lavishly produced by great producer and director Luc Besson and well directed by Gerard Krawczyk (Fanfan La Tulipe, Wasabi, Heroines). Followed by more sequels Taxi 3(2003) y Taxi 4(2007),all directed by Gerard Krawczyc and same actors ; furthermore an American version with Queen Lafitah, Henry Simmons and Jimmy Fallon, being directed by Tim Story. The flick will appeal to adrenaline enthusiasts and those young people looking for amusing and strong emotions. It's a must see for the cars aficionados.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

Fast, furious and fun!

This is definitely better than the original, it's more efficiently directed, faster in pace and funnier. The plot may be predictable, there are occasional moments of weak dialogue and Marion Cotilard who was so sublime as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose is given little to do as Lilly. That said, it is very funny, with some good gags. Plus the french locations are stunning, the car chases are awesome and the martial arts sequences are absolutely great. Other pluses are the snappy direction, a cool soundtrack and a smoking hot Emma Sjoberg (aka Wiklund). Also the pace is faster, and other than Sjoberg another standout was Bernard Farcy as Chief Inspector Gilbert who was hilarious at times. All in all, this is a fun sequel, and better than the first film in my opinion. 7/10 Bethany Cox

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