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The Barrens


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled21%
IMDb Rating4.6104503


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Mia Kirshner Photo
Mia Kirshner as Cynthia Vineyard
Shawn Ashmore Photo
Shawn Ashmore as Dale
Athena Karkanis Photo
Athena Karkanis as Erica
Stephen Moyer Photo
Stephen Moyer as Richard Vineyard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Wasted opportunity, there's no Jersey Devil here

Darren Lynn Bousman took a step down from the SAW sequels and the MOTHER'S DAY remake to deliver this cheap-looking, shot on the quick piece of horror trash. It's a largely uninteresting film, shot in the woods and following a family on a camping holiday from hell. What's most apparent is the almost singular lack of atmosphere building which I had expected given the Jersey Pine Barrens setting.

Ostensibly this is a film about the Jersey Devil, with various no-name cast members getting munched on by the mythical beast, but it turns out to be a family drama for the most part instead. That's not good, given that the female characters are annoying and the male characters dull. Stephen Moyer seems to have some cult following after his role in the vampire TV series TRUE BLOOD but I found his jaded role here to be tiring and depressing for the most part. A shame Shawn Ashmore (THE DAY) couldn't have been around for more than the opening cameo.

There's a big twist in the story here which is about the only thing the film has going for it; something entirely unconnected to the Jersey Devil or the setting. I liked it, but even this twist isn't handled very well and it all ends in a disappointingly low key way. A disappointment all round, in fact.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters9 / 10

Is he mad?

Without a doubt this is the best film made about the New Jersey Devil. And just for the record I have seen others and reviewed them on Amazon. Richard (Stephen Moyer) decides to drag his family camping in the Pinelands where his dad would take him camping as a child. Richard plans to scatter his dad's ashes on the trip. His family is not eager about the whole thing.

As the film progresses, we discover, as does his family, that Richard has serious issues. Unfortunately by the time the family realizes what is happening, they are located deep in "Devil" territory.

I liked the scare factor in this film. The story flashback at the campfire was well done. Stephen Moyer played a convincing role as a man'll find out. Allie MacDonald plays the moody 17 year old daughter. 9 stars might seem overrated for a film that has a high amount of predictability. In spite of that, the acting, direction, and script were done well, something I would like to see more of in "B" horror films.

Parental Guide: F-bombs, no sex or nudity.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

High Ambitions

No pun intended with that summary line. The movie really sets the bar above average and tries to give you a story you can hang on to. This may be from the guy who did 3 of the Saw movies (as director, he was involved in more than those prior to directing them),but that does not mean you get to see many violent scenes here. You will mostly witness the aftermath of something.

It is important for the story that this happens like that. And we're back to the story department. Either you'll like where this is going (more psychological) or you will repelled by it. The main actor has to pull quite some weight. And I think he does a good job doing so. Mia Kirshner: I almost didn't recognize her. But she does more than a decent job in this too. The ending will once again split the audience. Those that remained and watched it through that is. Not perfect, but more than a solid effort

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