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The Blessing Bracelet



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Amanda Schull Photo
Amanda Schull as Dawn Spencer
William MacDonald Photo
William MacDonald as Chuck Spencer
Alison Wandzura Photo
Alison Wandzura as Cassie Masters
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Morgana Wyllie as Jordana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TexasGreatGrams10 / 10

Great movie about how faith brings hope.

This Hallmark movie is just a little different from the run of the mill Hallmark movie. There is a mother who has been betrayed by her (now ex) husband and her son who misses his Dad who he has not seen in 3 years. The Mom has been (unsuccessfully) struggling to get herself caught up on all the debt that's been accumulating since the hubby walked away. Thankfully she has great friends who are willing to help. On the way to an annual Valentine dinner with her friends, she finds a "Blessing Bracelet" she and her friends used to make in high school. She wears it to the dinner and the blessings start. Of course, a romance begins and a complication arises, but the "Blessing Bracelet" she wears is a reminder that faith and hope can work miracles.

Reviewed by Jackbv1237 / 10

Worthwhile reminder

Count your blessings plus a dose of forgiveness are the ideas behind this movie. A divorced woman who seems to be hopelessly in debt thanks to her ex stumbles on the idea of making these bracelets to remind people to count their blessings. These main ideas plus some chemistry between Amanda Schull and Carlo Marks are enough to make this a pleasant watch.

The story is simplistic and predictable. There are no great highs or lows or surprises and very little tension beyond Dawn's financial crisis which the viewer knows is somehow going to be rescued by the bracelet business.

I often say that these movies struggle with any resemblance to reality but this one really stretches things. The business model portrayed in the movie is a confusing mess but somehow produces revenue enough to pay off months of back house payments and more. I was surprised when I did an internet search and saw one article claim the inspiration for these was an actual product on Amazon. Looking there I saw the subject bracelets were selling for nearly $30 each. Still.

There is an unintentional secret in the story which leads to a conflict. I thought that was overplayed, but they needed something and I guess the backstory does sort of explain the anger.

For those who don't like religious sermonizing, that part of this story is benign. While Dawn talks to God several times and emphasizes counting her blessings, the movie is far from preachy. And she could have been part of almost any mainstream religion.

Reviewed by / 10

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