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The Bulleteers


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hitchcoc7 / 10

Quit Picking on Lois

This is quite fun. Three more mad scientists (why are they mad; perhaps they are just talented with a different agenda) create a threat. They are extortionists and have developed a car/rocket, shaped like a bullet. They threaten Metropolis, and when the Mayor refuses to give in, they start by destroying city hall. This device is really quite the destructive machine. They want the city to turn over its treasury or they will continue to reek havoc on the fair city. Fortunately, Superman is around. Of course, Lois Lane again paints herself into a deadly corner and need to be rescued. Some have criticized her for her inherent stupidity. Of course, it is part of the formula. She is an overzealous reporter, a contrast to Clark, and sometimes Superman needs a little push because we know he likes her. Solid episode.

Reviewed by Ron Oliver10 / 10

Superman Versus Perverted Science


Three evil inventors have developed a fantastic `bullet car' - shaped like a rocket, it can fly and destroy any building by simply crashing through it. After smashing the Metropolis Police Headquarters, the extortionists demand a huge payment, which the mayor refuses to pay. In fury, the bullet car begins the destruction of the city. With intrepid reporter Lois Lane now a prisoner of the villains, can the Man of Steel possibly stop the incredible technology in the hands of THE BULLETEERS?

This was another in the series of excellent cartoons Max Fleischer produced for Paramount Studio. They feature great animation and taut, fast-moving plots. Meant to be shown in movie theaters, they are miles ahead of their Saturday Morning counterparts.

Reviewed by utgard148 / 10


I love the Fleischer Superman cartoons. The animation is smooth and fluid with vivid colors. The distinct art-deco style, vintage science fiction imagery, and use of noirish shadows gave them a look unlike any other cartoons. The music and voice work is superb. They're fun, accessible, enduring animation classics.

The fifth in the series is about a group of costumed criminals known as the Bulleteers. They have a bullet-shaped rocket car and are terrorizing the city, destroying buildings and thumbing their noses at the law. They also have the coolest secret lair on top of a mountain outside of town. The mayor tries to organize the police to stop them but it's no use! As the Bulleteers' rampage continues, Superman shows up. But, as he fails to stop them, we have to ask: are the Bulleteers too much for the Man of Steel?

Another great Fleischer Superman cartoon, although a step below the previous entries in the series. The Bulleteers' rocket car and awesome mountaintop hideout are cool visuals like you expect from this series. I also loved the scenes of the police scrambling to fortify and fight back against the seemingly indestructible rocket car. Those little touches are prime examples of the beauty of the Fleischer cartoons. There's so much going on that's just fun and exciting to watch.

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