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The Capsule

2012 [FRENCH]

Drama / Fantasy

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

Top cast

Clémence Poésy Photo
Clémence Poésy as Woman #2
Aurora Marion Photo
Aurora Marion as Woman #5
Ariane Labed Photo
Ariane Labed as Woman #1
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Movie Reviews

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Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation4 / 10

Life cycle inside the capsule

"The Capsule" is a Greek French-language (one line of German) short film from 2012, so this one has its 5th anniversary this year. It was written and directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari and the cast actually includes a handful of actresses that have been in pretty prestigious projects already, such as Poésy, Dychauk or Labed, who also worked with Tsangari on the recent "Before Midnight" movie. Anyway, back to this one here: It runs for 37 minutes and I would call it a fantasy movie, maybe even sci-fi, even if these genres aren't listed here. We follow a bunch of young women living inside a capsule and we find out about the strict rules there, but also about transformations for example. The latter is caused by the use of animation at some occasions, which did not look too convincing though. Overall, you can probably call this one also a modern avant-garde surrealist movie. I did not like most of the old ones that fit the description and same applies to this one here. I don't think the artistic impact here was executed particularly well, which is a bit of a shame as the cast list certainly offered the opportunity for a better outcome. Watch something else instead.

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