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The Cat and the Mermouse


Animation / Comedy / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by planktonrules8 / 10

Lovely animation and a nice locale make this one worth seeing.

It's very appropriate that this short was included on the disc for the Esther Williams film "Dangerous When Wet". This is because in this full-length film, Tom & Jerry appear in a fantasy sequence--swimming with Ms. Williams. So, seeing the pair frolicking about at the beach in "The Cat and the Mermouse" seems like a perfect extra for the disc.

As I mentioned above, Tom & Jerry are at the beach. Not surprisingly, they begin beating the crap out of each other. Soon, Tom falls into the sea and sees Jerry...or what he thinks is Jerry. Instead, it's a 'mermouse'--a mermaid version of a mouse. For much of the rest of the film, it's like a standard Tom & Jerry cartoon but underwater. And, like in their appearance in "Dangerous When Wet", Tom doesn't seem to have any trouble breathing under water!

Like any Tom & Jerry cartoon before they were ruined in the late 1950s (it's a long story but these later films were dreadful),the animation is top-notch--better than the Disney or Warner Brothers shorts. With wonderful backgrounds, great animations and lovely colors, it certainly looks great. As for the story, it's the usual but set in a very unusual locale--making it more enjoyable than an average film in the series. Not among their best, but quite good.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

Original and funny

While not a direct favourite of the Tom and Jerry canon, it is definitely worthwhile with some of the more funnier gags in the cartoons combined. The animation is really beautiful and creative and the music is as pretty much always a delight. The pacing is just right, and the story is original and works brilliantly. The sight gags are a great many but all of them work, the one with the swordfish was rather cruel for my liking but the ones with the octopus, the seahorses and any with the mer mouse worked superbly. I was surprised at how much was fitted in such a short running time, but overall, I just have to say bravissimo, for such an enjoyable and worthwhile Tom and Jerry cartoon. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-18 / 10

Some Amazing Sights

Tom is at the beach, oiling himself up (why?) with all kinds of oil and then taking a nap under a big beach umbrella. Jerry comes by on his way fishing and wakes up Tom. The cat, not happy with that, chases after him and the two go at it at the dock. Tom gets whacked hard and slowly plummets to the bottom of the ocean. Has he drowned?

He "wakes up" and is delighted seeing all the colorful fish swim by him. He even gets in on the act, imitating some of them, like the sea turtles. Jerry, meanwhile, is leaning on a big rock nearby taking all of this in. It turns out he's a mermaid, er, mermouse. In no time, the two adversaries are chasing each other - some things never change.

There are all kinds of outrageous scenes in here, with seahorses, a giant swordfish, an octopus, a sunken ship, on and on. Sometimes I am amazed how many things you can see in a seven-minute cartoon.

I kept waiting for Tom to wake up, that this HAD to be all a dream, and......

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