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The Classic

2003 [KOREAN]

Drama / Romance

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Ye-jin Son Photo
Ye-jin Son as Ji-hae / Ju-hie
Seung-woo Cho Photo
Seung-woo Cho as Jun-ho
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by d_art8 / 10

A well-executed melodrama in itself

The story involves a girl, whose best friend is dating a guy that she secretly likes. She one day finds a diary and letters from the past that belonged to her mother. The story then shifts to the past where the mother is a young woman who falls in love with a guy, but she herself is arranged to be married with the guy's friend. There's a parallel between the past and present and the story shifts back and forth between two romances. I found this movie to be a well-executed Korean melodrama. The cinematography is quite beautiful. However, it is rather cliche in some parts (as some aspects of the director's previous work feels a bit repeated here),yet as a movie itself, it is a well-filmed, nicely delivered piece of work. It is kind of unfortunate, however, given the popularity and the expectations given to the movie due to the director's more accomplished, previous work, "My Sassy Girl," this reviewer couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed. If I hadn't seen the previous work and saw this movie for the first time, I might've given higher praise. As it is, however, the movie almost accomplishes in being a truly great movie (as opposed to good, which it is). Occasional inventiveness in composition and atmosphere and timing is excellent. The movie does tend to be a bit predictable (particularly if you know what kind of themes the director has presented in his previous work) and admittedly I saw the ending coming sooner than I probably should have (althogh it didn't really distract me from enjoying it either). One can't help whenever one sees a rainy scene or when a certain Pachebel music comes out, one is reminded of a scene directly from "My Sassy Girl" (As "My Sassy Girl" actually pokes fun at melodramas) Without some of those distractions, it may have resonated a lot more strongly as an original piece of work. In terms of characters, they are certainly memorable, and the romantic elements (while, not as multidimensional or as deep as the director's previously mentioned work) are convincing. There are some historical backdrops to go along the romance that gives the film a somewhat a denser, almost epic, if not nostalgic, feel, yet doesn't really go in the way of an epic (which itself might not have been a bad direction to go). Some of the attention to detail are also pretty well done. Overall, though, I enjoyed the film as a romantic melodrama, while being a bit hampered by tough expectations and some cliches, the characters and the romance certainly leaves a nice impression.

Reviewed by minnie_mie10 / 10

A wonderful, heart-warming film

What can I say about The Classic, except that I never thought I'd like such a film. Cheesy romances featuring teenagers are really not my usual viewing, but The Classic was just beautiful.

I am not familiar with Korean cinema, and have never seen 'My Sassy Girl' so I cannot comment on how it measures as a follow-up. But as a movie standing on its own, it was a touching, tear-jerking and humorous 2 hour journey for me. The cinematography was outstanding, and paired with an equally impressive soundtrack it created beautiful scenes of the Korean countryside, as well as enhancing the generally poignant, nostalgic mood of the film. The acting was first class all around in my opinion, the movie could've so easily gone overboard with bad-acting considering the general plot of the movie, but never once did I find myself irritated by the lead female. The casting was perfect, and I was absolutely charmed by the characters of Jun-ho and the hilarious Tae-su. There were also a lot of comical elements in the movie which had me laughing off my sofa, making the characters endlessly endearing. The film takes us through a journey of many years in the past from when the characters' parents first meet, and had me bawling my eyes out at the end. The modern day story is just as good too. The film also finishes with what I consider two big surprises which had me thinking about the movie for ages afterwards.

All in all, I am really surprised that I liked this film. After considering why this was so since I really don't like romantic/comedy dramas, I came to the simple conclusion that this was just great filmaking, where the watcher gets utterly lost in the movie. It may not be very realistic, and however long we analyse it and it's clichés at the end all we know is that we were moved and entertained by this movie.

Reviewed by Fru_is_Insomniac10 / 10

Excellent soundtrack, well-pacing, brilliant sceneries-A PERFECT VALENTINE DATE FILM!

I love "The Classic". It is one of the best romance ever made. The story is about Ji-Hae, who always write e-mails into Sang-Min, cause her friend is so shy to express her love into him. But soon, she find out that her mother, Joo-hee's love story was surprisingly similar like her's.

From the bright and colorful scenery and nice camera shots, "The Classic" is a true "Classic". The acting of Son ye jin is superb, convincing and great. She manages her emotion, balanced it and finely shaded. Sure, if you've seen this movie and your an avid romantic movie fan, it will remind you some love story classics such as "Love Letter" by Shunji Iwai, and "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks. Yes, there are some elements of Love Letter and The Notebook, but the story is completely different. The story is shifting from different time frames, from 1968 to 2002, but still the director balanced the story, so the viewers will not have a bad time on understanding the story.

And, no one can call this a "CLASSIC" without it's beautiful, fantastic and brilliant soundtrack. The song of "Scenery of Bicycle riding" is one of the best OST's I've ever heard.

The scenery is also excellent. The country side setting is amazing and the place is very romantic. The war scene (which is shot, proudly, in my home town, PHILIPPINES!) was also excellent. You'll appreciate the beauty of the place even though the scene was pretty sad. The cameraman's magnificent shots helped!

This Valentine season, if you haven't seen "The Classic", then WATCH IT NOW! And fall in love...


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